Your Questions About Think And Grow Thin

Sun, Jun 24, 2012

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Chris asks…

What do you think of growing thin moustache and beard during teenage?

Some ppl think it reflect one’s personal attitude, does it true (some ppl think they look nicer in moustache while some not, how to decide)? Many ppl don’t like having moustache or beard even though it’s not extremely long. What do you think of that? Do you often shave your moustache or beard?

vermins answers:

Dude just shave! Facial hair is kind of reflective on personal appearance. Of course facial hair looks good on many people. However, if you are in your teenage years, what’s the rush to look older???!!! People strive to look younger, and it’s obvious facial hair adds years to appearance.
If you’re not sure if you look good with of without, simply ask a few honest people. You will know… And just so you know, kissing a man with facial hair feels like kissing a cactus! Trust me, I know! Hope this helps!

Carol asks…

I am 13 years old and 5’5. I weigh 122 pounds but my parents are tall, Do you think i will grow and thin out?

I play softball and i have nice curvy legs, when i say curvy i don’t mean fat legs just curved. I hope im still gonna grow and thin out.

vermins answers:

I think you’re thin now at 122. If you want to know if you’ll thin out, yes. You’ll grow lots more, and you may hope to stop growing and fatten out some day!

Be cool and Merry Christmas thin gal!

Thomas asks…

Do you think i will grow and thin out?

I am a 13 year old girl, who weighs 116.8 lbs. and is 5’5. My mom is 5’8 and my dad is 5’11, my 12 year old sister is 5’7, im the only short one in the family. I really want to be tall but i am wondering if i wont grow anymore. I play about 10 hours of sports a week and eat alot of fruits and vegtables. I want to lose 17 lbs. and grow to be 5’10…do you think that could happen?

vermins answers:

Hi Stephanie, you still have 5 years of growing left to do so there is every chance you can reach at least your moms height if not the 5’10″ you want to be. The only problem you are likely to have is if you go on a diet when you don’t need. Restricted nutrition can have a huge impact on teens stopping their breast gorwing to potential size, stopping them from reaching the height they could have been and being as smart as they could have been.

The body is genetically programmed to attain very specific proportions but can be severely restricted if it doesn’t recieve the vitamins essential for growth. You are at a healthy weight for your height so unless you are wanting an eating problem which might effect your growth there is no need to diet at all.

Mary asks…

I want to grow thin?

Im in high school and i really want to grow a bit thin then what i already am.. i know i can do good in sports but i wanna grow think…so can someone tell me what would be a good way to lose some weight..somthing tht wont take a lot of time cause of high school…and i really want to ask this girl out so i wanna lose som weight because of tht too…somone please help me…..

vermins answers:

I tend to agree with the previous answer, if she’s shallow, she probably won’t like you anyhow.
I wish I could go back and give myself advice when I was younger. Instead of going for the girls that others would approve of, I wish I would have just gone for nice girls who I thought were cute.

As far as losing weight, you shouldn’t kill yourself with crash dieting. But you might want to look at simple things. Do you keep eating after you start to feel full? Because food in your stomach absorbs liquid, it continues to expand for about 30 minutes after you finish eating. Stop eating when you start to feel full. Also, give up that American habit of eating something in front of the TV close to bedtime. It’s best to try to finish your day’s eating with dinner.
Don’t try to stop eating snacks completely, you need to reward yourself sometimes.

Joseph asks…

My cat is growing thin and hes acting very tired all the time?

My cat is growing thin and hes acting very tired all the time. He lays around all day and sometimes hes not even sleeping hes just awake curled up in a ball. He also has started to eat less. I dont even think he even touches his dry food very much. Im worried,,,whats wrong with him?

vermins answers:

That doesn’t sound good. Take him to the vet asap.

It could be cancer, kidney problems, liver problems, worms, or anything else fatal. I hope your kitty will be ok :(

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