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Sat, Jun 9, 2012

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Lisa asks…

What is the “Secret Formula” or the “Carnegie Formula” in every chapter of Think and Grow Rich?

Napoloen Hill alludes to a “secret formula” or the “Carnegie Formula” in every chapter of Think and Grow Rich. But he never verbosely describes what the formula is. What is it?

vermins answers:

The secret on every page is “the spirit”. What he is trying to convey is that our mind (spirit) is the cause of everything in our life. We choose our thoughts, good and bad, weather we realize it or not. Our subconscious mind records all our thoughts and programs us the way we act on a day to day basis. (Our thoughts determine our feelings, our feelings determine our actions, our actions determine our results.) The formula is cultivating the personality traits and mindsets of some of the most successful people he interviews. Hope this helps!

Charles asks…

Best idea from Think and Grow Rich book by Napoleon Hill is?

Of the many ideas in the book, Think and Grow Rich by business writer Napeoleon Hill, what one idea did you feel helped you most?

vermins answers:

Of the dozens upon dozens, it has always
come down to the Capacity to Realize
that “thoughts are things,” and that with
the faith and persistence of following
through, success can exceed one’s
initial vision of it.

For me, a major close second is the idea
that our minds have the ability to seek
from our “counsel” within all the differing
and separate “departments” or, angles
of thought in order to conquer our beginning
state’s lack of knowledge or, having
considered certain things.

One of the most important books anyone
could ever get his or her hands on.

Susan asks…

Which is the best book for self-help/inspirtation. I have read “Think and grow rich.” Can u name few others.

Think and grow rich is worth reading, but it lacks the practical aspect barring a few pages, rest all is theory. There is a book Secrets-Ask, believe, receive. Can anyone give me the details of the website offering free e-book, other book is Alchemist.

vermins answers:

Sorry Jatinder, but books ,… You think really help? All successful businessmen or professionals may name a guru or a book as motivation/inspiration for acheivement but honestly it is for the camera or print. It is hard work and well , pray for luck, as simple or as complicated as that! I read many of them, they are good as long as you read them, but world is what you enter into AFTER closing the book. People tell different methodologies and an example of a successful person would be there for each of those methods! Obviously there is no universal concept/method for success. It is what you do and whether your destiny/luck/God/coincidence/providence sides with you is what matters. Inspiration is always from within ,those who write these books never would have tried anything in the book. They write and SELL and we go ga-ga over them!! Choose a line of profession/business,after consulting your friends/family/teachers;but make YOUR own decision and work hard the way YOU feel best. Harder you work and joy of a small sign of reward is equivalent to a thousand books, believe me!

Donald asks…

Could you discuss Law of attraction, sexual transmutation and other concepts from Think and Grow Rich?

What are the step bt step actions that make those notions work for you

I tried several times and the results were not what I expected: I didn’t get them to work

what am I doing wrong, and how to make them right?

vermins answers:

Law of Attractions is most likely related to our spiritual aspects. If it happens that you did not receive those things you ask in times as it is expected, you have to understand that in our spiritual world, time is infinite. Only in our physical world that a calendar and universal time clock have been invented. Law of Attraction is not a magic.

David asks…

How many times have you read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill?

Have you read it more than 3 times?It is the authors’ suggestion that you read it at least 3 times before you stop your study of it. WhY did you stop before you followed all the instructions for the results?

vermins answers:

I’ve never read it, but I am reading Retire Young, Retire Rich (or it might be Retire Rich, Retire Young)

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