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Your Questions About Think And Grow Rich Quotes

Mon, Jun 11, 2012

Writing and speaking

Carol asks…

Can someone PLEASE help me think of a hook for my essay?

THE ESSAY IS NOT DONE this is just a rough, rough, rough draft of my body paragraphs so it may not all make sense, but abasically its about suffering, pleasure, and dissatisfaction in the book siddhartha and in the rest of the world so i need a quote, and anecdote, an analogy some kind of hookd THANK YOU
Along Siddhartha’s search for enlightenment, he embraces both the spiritual world and the material world. He learns to live a life of suffering and learns to live a life of self-indulgences and pleasure. However, Siddhartha is continuously dissatisfied with each lifestyle and changes the course of his life until he eventually reaches enlightenment. Suffering plays a major role in Siddhartha’s journey to enlightenment. When one suffers, he or she experiences and endures tribulation. However, suffering can be seen as involuntary in which someone is subjected to misery; resulting in physical or emotional pain. Suffering may also be voluntary in which one chooses to suffer until they feel indifferent to pain. I realized this when looked out the window and saw an overweight jogger running up my street. With his head held high, he took long strides, powered by a rush of euphoria and endorphins. As he reached the end of the climb to the top of the street, exhaustion overcame his body and his strides began to slow down. However, the jogger willed himself to continue without respite.
Siddhartha first endures suffering when he leaves the comforts of being a Brahmin to join the samanas. During his training of ascetic practices with the samanas, Siddhartha completely denies his body “Siddhartha had a single goal before him, one and one only: to become empty, empty of thirst, empty of desire, empty of dreams, empty of joy and pain” (13). He voluntarily suffers by enduring physical pain, and gives up his clothing and food. Through Siddhartha’s martyrdom, he learns to grow indifferent to pain.
“Keeping silence, Siddhartha stood in the vertical blaze of the sun, glowing with pain, glowing with thirst, and stood until he no longer felt any pain or thirst.” (14)
“He walked the path of self-distancing through pain, through voluntary endurance of suffering of pain, of hunger, of thirst, of exhaustion.” (15)

Pleasure is a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment. One may experience pleasure by finding joy in life experiences. One may also find pleasure through desires and self-indulgence, resulting in momentary and limited happiness. I had an experience in which I observed such pleasure when I was ten years old and my family took a trip to Beverly Hills, and affluent city in Los Angeles County. During our trip we walked through Rodeo Drive to look at the ridiculously overpriced clothing stores. Inside the Louis Vuitton store women walked around observing purses and shoes. Their wealth was evinced by their designer jeans and the smell of their new leather boots and Chanel perfume.
Worldly and materialistic pleasures are displayed in Siddhartha during Siddhartha’s life as a merchant: “Siddhartha had learned how to do business, how to wield power over people, how to amuse himself with women, had had learned to wear handsome clothing, to command servants, to bathe in fragrant waters.” (62)
“Years went by; swathed in well-being, Siddhartha scarcely felt them fade. He had become rich, he long owned his own home with servants and a garden outside the city, by the river. People liked him; they came to him when they needed money or advice.” (61)
“Only slowly, amidst his growing riches, Siddhartha himself had adopted something of the nature of the child people, something of their childishness and of their scruples.” (62)

Dissatisfaction is the state or attitude of being unsatisfied, discontented, or displeasured. One may experience dissatisfaction with his or her own life or self. People could also become dissatisfied with other people or the environment surrounding them, resulting in revolution, rebellion, or uprising. The people of Libya have demonstrated dissatisfaction with their government and their ruler, Muammar el-Qaddafi. Qaddafi ruled ruthlessly for forty years, building his rule on a legion of blind followers and family and tribal alliances, won over by Libya’s oil production profits. Libya’s dissatisfaction with Qaddafi resulted in a revolt throughout the country and eventually he was taken out of power and killed in Surt. After his death the country was declared liberated and began the process of creating a new constitution and elected government. Dissatisfaction is also present in the United States as well through the recent Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. The Occupy Wall Street activists began protests in New York’s financial district to demonstrate against corporate greed, social inequality, and the power of major banks and corporations. The group claims to represent the frustration of the 99 percent of disadvantaged Americans who are upset with the greed and corruption of the one percent…

vermins answers:

Suffering usually does not inspire people, but Siddhartha was inspired.


Imagine a god that suffered.


Imagine if pleasure and suffering worked together.


Can one believe that Siddhartha, the son of a rich emperor(am I correct?), learned to be poor?

Hope I helped! Accio!

Richard asks…

Christianity and socialism?

Dislike of socialism and communism appears to be a common trait among the christians I’ve met and seen in the media, why is this so? The more I think about it the greater the link between the separate ideologies grows. The religious quote “a rich man has a lesser of a chance to enter into heaven than a camel has of passing through the eye of a needle” is a statement of contempt for the wealthy, a strong theme in communism. Further more one of the ten commandments states “thou shalt not covet” meaning people shouldn’t keep things to themselves/for themselves and thus must share all private property ans possessions with the community, which is communism.
On the socialist side Jesus healed and cleansed people without asking for pay and encouraged others to do the same. There was also a quote he made that implied people with enough money should welcome the homeless into their own house and care for them.
With themes and messages like these it seems strange that so many christians should hold contempt for socialism and call atheists communists. But why do they do this?

vermins answers:

Christianity and Communism have a lot in common. See

Ruth asks…

long post but worth reading quoted from a user here. do you agree with this statement??

before you answer you have to drop any preconceived notions for or against feminism. i agree with a lot of it. i also think that women deserve equal pay and are equal in every way to men.

This will go against almost all you have been taught to believe about men and women for the past pathetic 60 years. But, having lived through this, I see just how true it is and how it was done

Feminism is a grotesque fraud perpetrated on society by the governing elite. It is designed to weaken the American social and cultural fabric in order to introduce a “friendly” fascist New World Order. Its advocates are sanctimonious charlatans who have grown rich and powerful from it. They include a whole class of liars and moral cripples who work for the elite in various capacities: government, education and the media. These imposters ought to be exposed and ridiculed. Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem were NOT what they were presented to be.

We were taught to abandon our femininity and challenge men for the masculine role. Wewere told heterosexuality and family by nature is oppressive to women. Domestic violence was publicized to trample woman’s tender tendrils of trust. As a result, the divorce rate doubled and the birth rate was cut in half. One third of all births are now out-of-wedlock. The ability to commit to a relationship is almost unheard of among the young. Today they “hook up” and move on. Men are reduced to no more than dogs urinating on women as if they were hydrants. How often have I heard a single mother refer to her ex as a “sperm donor”? But no one is at fault here, we are ALL VICTIMS. Men, women, children all.

Not all women need to marry and have children but the vast majority do. We are a bonding species. Children represent our organic growth. As recently as fifty years ago, the role of wife and mother was honored. After 1960, society was subjected to the vicious campaign of social engineering designed to disparage these roles and make women seek fulfillment in career instead. We got caught up in the fun of burning our bras and being led by the evil ones.

Led by the Rockefeller Foundation, this media campaign was made to look spontaneous and “modern.” In fact, the goal was to decrease the birth rate and destabilize society by pitting men against women. Divide and conquer. The other reason for the feminist action was so that the bankers could CHARGE DOUBLE THE INCOME TAX on a family. With two working members there was more to steal by their dishonest tax laws. (These people, NOT our governments, own the Federal Reserve). Aaron Russo discusses this in this short flick:…

Feminism has done untold damage to civilization. There is no more fundamental yet delicate relationship in society than male and female. On it depends the family, the red blood cell of society. Nobody with the interests of society at heart would try to divide men and women. Yet the lie that men have exploited women has become the official orthodoxy. The lie that they cheat is part of the propaganda machine. Man loves woman. His first instinct is to nurture (“husband”) and see her thrive. When a woman is happy, she is beautiful. Sure, some men are abusive, but the vast majority are good decent men who have supported and guided their families for millennium. This is why men were so much stronger in character in days gone by. Feminism has robbed them of their rightful position in society. They are not given many opportunities to develop these traits. Abuse is up because these men are frustrated by the termination of their natural tendencies to nurture. No excuses but this is a contributing factor.

The Rockefeller’s cruel regime has tricked women into forgetting that they are part of a natural cycle, and the ages of 18-25 are critical to starting a family. In the same way as the apple tree blossoms in the spring, young women need to marry and have children when nature intended. The Rockefellers want women and men to miss the opportunity to start strong families that will protect them from enslavement by the state.

All of this is calculated to create personal confusion and sow chaos among heterosexuals. As a result, millions of American males are emasculated and divorced from their relationship to family (the world and the future.) The American woman has been hoodwinked into investing herself in a meaningless mundane career instead of the timeless love of her husband and children. Many women have become temperamentally unfit to be wives and mothers.

People who are isolated and alone, stunted and love-starved, are easy to fool and manipulate. Without the healthy influence of two loving parents, so are their children. When both parents work, the children are exposed to government propaganda and manipulation from even younger ages.

Women’s oppression is a lie. Sex roles were never as rigid as feminists would have us believe. My mother had a successful business in the 1940’s as a private nurse. When my father’s income increased, she was content to quit and concentrate on the children. Women were free to pursue careers if they wanted to. The difference was that their role as wife and mother was understood, and socially validated, as it should be. Yet Stay at home mothers, both Christian and Muslim, are jeered and considered patsies by their more militant sisters.

Sex is an act of possession. You cannot be possessed by many men and ever belong to one. The ability to love/trust dies. The sex act is sacred. It is the ritual enactment of the Act of Creation. The man selects and prepares the special ground and plants his seed. The woman receives and nurtures it. Ultimately, a child is the fruit of love. Sex is an uplifting experience in this loving context. Today women and men settle for so much less. Careless sharing of our flesh has almost killed this concept today. Our children and grandchildren suffer.

We were told to be “smarter, better, faster” than the men we met. This is now echoed in “girl power” as boys are being marginalized in society. No longer does a woman seek a man she can naturally look up to, respect and trust. They waste time on the emotionally immature boys that men have been molded into. Men want power; women want love. Heterosexual union involves the exchange of the two: female power (in the worldly sense) for male love (his power expressed as love.)Two people don’t become one by fighting over the same territory.

It is almost impossible to find a man with a powerful positive vision of life with a central place for a wife in these days. Homosexuality has seriously affected the balance between men in women in numbers. Men have to know what they want, provide leadership and earn trust. The man “makes the house, the woman makes the home. This complementary division of labor is natural. Women need to remember how to be a homemaker and mother. Why do you think fast foods and easy bake junk was promoted until most women have forgotten the basics?

Once the power-for-love arrangement is established, sex roles don’t have to be rigid. The key is that a wife is willing to be First Mate to her Captain because he loves her, looks after her interests and is totally loyal. After that, who does what can be dictated by respective preferences, abilities and practical considerations.

While this was done to women, men were dumbed down and taught rebellion was coooool More separation from healthy mainstream attitudes. They were drugged and mind altered through the hippy days. They were taught a man has no responsibility to a woman because she is willing to give it away. “Free love” was NOT free. And so here we are.

Personally I feel RIPPED OFF. I believed this crap that was fed to us so insidiously. In doing so I lived a life I would not have chosen had I known better!

I hope I have expressed myself well. Feminism brought a few positive changes. But when you weight the good against the bad you will find, it was all a big sham created by the CIA, the Rockefellers and the Communist women who led us straight to hell.


This is a wonderful site
since feminism divorce rates have been shot up drasticaly and its usualy the women who make the choice. and they try to suck the men dry for all there worth. i am a divorce lawyer and see this ALOT. id say that 40 % of the time its due to feminist ideaology. the rest is other things such as abuse cheating etc.

vermins answers:

Well, I don’t agree with it. Obviously the person who wrote it has no understanding of what feminism is. She probably fears that her chances of marriage is already so low that she’s afraid to speak out. So her only recourse is to behave total opposite of what feminism is, to stay on the good side of patriarchy.

Feminism is not about hating men or trying to be like them. Why would we want to be men? Women play an important part in life; just as men do.

Why should women want men to “take care of them”? They’re not helpless, handicapped, or retarded. For that matter, why would men want a “dead weight” for a wife? I believe that men and women should be emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual support for one another.

I don’t believe homosexuality has any effect on anyone’s life unless they let it. That’s possibly the way homophobia effects those who fear it and don’t understand it. They have their own lives and so do we?

Confident women don’t have to fear anything. They will love and be loved for who they are, not what a narrow-minded society attempts to force upon her. We are not cattle to be owned. We are not servants. We are women who can think, make decisions, support and be supported by an equally confident man.

If we choose to stay at home with the family, it is our choice because it’s what we love doing, not because it’s the law of nature. We will love and serve our husbands as he loves and serves us.

It is not impossible to find a man with a powerful positive vision of life if one is powerful and posittive themselves. We attract that which we are equal to. If anyone believes it’s impossible, it’s because she has a low self-esteem of herself and is full of negativity towards life.

You simply attract that which you believe. If you feel worthless, you attract worthlessness. If you feel confident, upbeat, happy, positive, you attract what you are. :-) It’s all really quite simple.

Lizzie asks…

Why Is it “God’s grace” that makes some rich and others poor?

Why do people think this?

The 11th paragraph is this quote: “These were regular, ordinary people, just like us, who were hungry,” she said. “And you think, ‘there but for the grace of God.’”

So if God’s grace that keeps them from such poverty then isn’t also God, being the “alpha and omega” that puts others in that situation?

What is so wrong with the idea that we all have something in life to overcome and we need each others help to grow and learn?

vermins answers:

I don’t believe it’s ‘god’s’ grace at all. The circumstances we are in help to mold our character and spirit. Only the individual would know ‘why’ their circumstances are such as they are as well as what they need to learn from them, rich or not rich.

I can be Rich in Spirit as well as in finances, but the Spirit definitely comes first as far as maturing and developing goes. At one point of my life I had lost everything I owned or had. I would have never considered sharing with another human being had I not been placed in this situation. I came out of it a better human being, and without religion of any kind because I put forth my own efforts and used the intelligence I was born to use.

To sum up, “don’t give because you need a ticket to ‘heaven’ or a ticket for ‘salvation’, give just for the simple fact that it’s needed, and for no other reason.” (not you personally)

Donald asks…

What do you think about the types of Books I have read?

I have just started reading A LOT since around October, I think a lot anyways, and I was curious what you think of my reading materials. Anyways I am 20 and I realized I enjoy Non-fiction books.

GOT FIGHT by FORREST GRIFFIN- About the life of an MMA fighter with half of it being stupid but hilarious humor.



13 THINGS THAT DON’T MAKE SENSE by MICHEAL BROOKS- Talks about space, the human mind, dimensions, and a few other crazy science topics.

MADE IN AMERICA by MATT HUGHES- Biography of an MMA fighter

BAPTISM BY FIRE by MARK UPDEGROVE- About 7 Presidents who came into office during the hardest of times. (Tied with the most boring book I have EVER read. The writing had no creative style to it)

PINHEADS AND PATRIOTS by BILL O’RIELLY- Basically it was about Bills view on who or what is a pinhead or a patriot in all things political.

ICEMAN by CHUCK LIDDELL- It is about the history of Chucks practicing Martial Art and his journey the UFC. Also it had some to do with his life growing up.

A FIGHTERS HEART by SAM SHERIDAN- About a MMA fighter/Writer traveling around to different martial art gyms around the planet. Talks about his his life, different fighters, cultures, and what he has learn both mentally and physically while train with some of the most respected fighters out there.

THE ROOTS TO OBAMA’S RAGE by DINESH D’SOUZA- The title is a bit deceiving I think even though the guy was anti Obama. It was basically an autobiography of Obama’s life.

THROUGH A DOGS EYES by JENNIFER ARNOLD- It’s about the way a dog supposedly thinks and views the world by a dog behavior expert.

BROKE by GLENN BECK- “Broke” is divided into three sections. The first section– “The Past is Prologue” – traces the roots of modern progressive politics back through this nation’s history and illuminates the echoes of our current moral and fiscal crisis that can be found throughout history. The second part – “The Crime of the Century” – details just how bad a shape our country’s finances are in, how the government obfuscates that fact, and how it is helping drive that particular bus over the cliff. The last part – “The Plan” – lays out what we really need to focus on fixing in order to right our ship.

SH*T MY DAD SAYS by JUSTIN HALPERN- About a kid who grew up with a very interesting potty mouth father.

ECONOMICS FOR DUMMIES by SEAN FLYNN- About drugs and the porn industry, lol joking. (Tied with the most boring book I have EVER read. Oh my God it sucked, but I am proud with myself for reading the whole thing. I learned a lot)

THINK LIKE A BILLIONAIRE BECOME A BILLIONAIRE by SCOTT ANDERSON- Just about the way people with a lot of money think. It was also about multi millionaires as well.

WHY WE WANT YOU TO BE RICH by DONALD TRUMP & ROBERT KIYOSAKI- This one is kind of harder to explain with few words so I am going to plagarize a summary somewhere on the internet about this book like I did with Glenn Becks book.

The wildly financially successful authors of this book state, early on, that a reader will not find in its pages specific advice on how to make or invest money. It’s more a book of philosophy (note the “why” in the title), and if it’s not exactly Kierkegaardian in scope or language, this collaboration of real estate magnate and rags-to-riches financial guru manages to entertain and to inform. Written in bite-size chunks and adorned with quotes (some from the authors’ previous works or speeches) and graphs, it explains why some people get rich and others… well, don’t. Some tales are shopworn: the many references to Warren Buffett are tales well told, for example, but what works best are the aphorisms and the personality type descriptions within the “CASHFLOW Quadrant”—no matter what you do for a living, in your heart are you an E, an S, a B or an I? (Key: E=employee; B=big business owner; S=self-employed, specialist or small business owner; I=investor.) But Trump and Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) together are a strangely winning combination (they’ve published this book jointly and privately—and a portion of its profits will be donated to charity). Bottom line: these Messrs. Money-bags know their business. We’re talking billionaires here, and really, how can you argue with success?
I know about the grammar errors. I just did not care to fix them.

vermins answers:

From this post I have deduced that you are a young white male who is questioning your beliefs or lack there of. You are a big fan of MMA probably athletic. Concerned yet perhaps quite disappointed in the state of your country, you desire to be wealthy (quickly if possible) doesn’t put much stock in the opinion of strangers (BRAVO) and are animal lover. You seem well rounded.

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