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Thu, Jun 14, 2012

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David asks…

How to write an amazing 250 words essay to win a scholarship?

I really want to write an essay for a scholarship that they are awarding and I really want to start because I want to start planning for my future. I guess you could say I am Ok at writing essays but I want it to be amazing I can write about Why I deserve to win this scholarship, or My academic or career goals. Are there any tip that you suggest that will help me? thanks :)

vermins answers:

The first few sentences of your scholarship essay should be passionate and about something that you deeply believe in. Your goal is to draw the reader in and make them want to read your essay from start to finish. Don’t write about controversial subjects. Make sure you have no grammar or spelling errors and get at least 2 other people to proof-read your essay for you. Do not use text-type writing or forget to use proper punctuation and capitalization. I wrote an article entitled, “How to Write An Amazing Scholarship Essay” and the link is below. Good luck!! :)

Donna asks…

How to write an essay about University I would like to attend?

I want to be enrolled in this university and I have to write an essay about the reasons for joining it , It’s about fashion and design .
And I’m really bad at writing essays :(
please i need ur help :(

vermins answers:

Make it interesting and sincere. Make it like a conversation, not too formal or boring. Admissions officers will like really interesting, unusual and bizarre stuff because it stands out. Ask someone to give you ideas and proofread it. Change or edit at least six things after someone proofreads it. Make sure you have a thesis and that you prove your thesis.

Laura asks…

How to write an essay, but in a easier form?

Hi, i am a yr 10 student but i have alot difficulty on writing essays. My English teacher tells us to use “TEEL” (Topic Sentence, Explanation, Evidence and Link)

But i get really confused on how to write it in this form. I just need a better and easier way of how to understand and write an essay.


vermins answers:

Use P.E.E. (Point, Evidence,Explanation)

first of all you make your point and then you support this with a quote which is your evidence. Then, you explain the effects of the quote and how it supports your point.
Once you get the hang of this technique it becomes second nature!

Good luck and get PEEing!

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otherwise if that doesnt work could you go on my questions and its the open question about english literature exam answer, thank you :)

Ken asks…

How to write an essay on the movie Freedom Writers?

I have to write an essay on my favorite movie that inspired you, what it did for me etc. I don’t know what to put in my introduction. The body paragraph has to be about the plot, main characters, theme, lessons. & in my conclusion i have to write about what the story did for me. Please help me, i’m not very good at writing essays. Thank you.

vermins answers:

That movie is about expressing yourself, if i remember correctly. Describe how you had problems of expressing yourself, and compare yourself to one of the main characters. :) Good luck

Michael asks…

How should I write an essay for a scholarship?

I wanted to get a scholarship for a study abroad program and I want to write an extremely well written essay. Where should I start and what points should I cover?

vermins answers:

Most scholarships give you a topic to write on. I’d write on whatever topic that is.

If you are supposed to write about whatever, write about what you think studying abroad would do for you and why you are uniquely qualified to get the scholarship.

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