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Fri, Jun 8, 2012

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Sandra asks…

How to write a research paper about WWII women as spies?

first off all how do i write a research paper? i am in adv. eng but they don’t teach how to specifically write RESEARCH papers! i am doing this project for wolrd history 2 pages due next Friday! i just need to get the flow on how to do a research paper… can i just write like facts in regular paragraph style where each paragraph is a new topic about a different woman spy and what she has done? or is there a specific way?

vermins answers:

Are you required to have a thesis? Most research papers require a thesis (a theory like all women spies in wwII tended to be middle class) and then you do research and write the paper proving or disproving your theory (usually proving is your aim)

With this you start with a paragraph outlining the theory and what you will look at to provide the proof, then write the paper showing the proof in a chronological or sequential manner. Lastly you have a paragraph that states “you can see by the facts that show all women spies that made it through training and actually went out and were successful came from the middle class and that the lower class were given no chance and the upper class proved too inflexible enough for the disguises necessary” or something like that.

James asks…

How do you write research paper about macbeth?

I have my thesi statement it has to do with how macbeths character changes in the play, how can i write a research paper on it, and what is the major theme of macbeth?

vermins answers:

Macbeth’s character changes:

In Act I, Macbeth is presented a brave warrior who is a killing machine. That image is contrasted with the presentation of man who wants a better station in life. In Macbeth’s own words, after he hears the witches’ prophecies he says he has nothing but vaulting ambition to motivation. So, as a reader you should already know that Macbeth, although he is a thane, desires a more prestigious postion. However, his wife tells us, “He is too full of the milk of human kindness” to do anything to help himself rise above his circumstances and become king.

2) In Act III of the play, Macbeth has Banquo killed. In Act IV, he has the entire house of Macduff killed. Each of these murders occur without provocation. Thus, you get a change in character again. Banquo was his friend. The person with whom he fought back to back in battle and yet, he was able to kill Banquo because Banquo served as a threat to his place on the throne. Also, Macduff as a result of his treasonous act (Macbeth was the king and Macduff refused to acknowledge Macbeth as king) had to be killed in order to secure Macbeth’s place as king. The man who full of the milk of human kindness is gone. As a matter of fact, he resorts to using the same tactics his wife used on him. He bullies the men into murdering Banquo by showing that the horrible lives they were living was due to Banquo.

In Act IV, you get the confidant Macbeth. Here he develops a false sense of secuirty as a result of the witches intervention again in his life. He receives news that borders on the impossible. The most telling, “No man of woman born can harm Macbeth” allows Macbeth to at last feel that his place on the throne is secure and that no one will ever harm him.

The play itself has several major themes:
The first being the notion of free will versus fate: Would Macbeth have ever become king if he had not done something to make it so. Despite his saying that he would do nothing, he later comes back and says that Malcolm being named Prince of Cumberland was an idea he could accept (a step on which I must kneel down) or take matters into his own hands and change it (or o’r leap).

Carol asks…

How to write a research paper in APA style in Psychology?

Have to write research paper in APA style in pychology. Need help to how to do it. How to avoid plagiarism when you have to write on a subject you don’t have any previous knowledge but you still have to avoid plagiarism. How to use other people idea? because in a research paper basically all the ideas are not yours? Please help. thanks

vermins answers:

Here is a guide for you


Referencing is very important. You need to cite when you quote and then use a page number but if paraphrasing you just use the reference, It can be a pain in the butt, especially when you are just learning it but it’s important to acknowledge other people’s work. You can install a program like Endnote that takes a lot of the hassle out of it. It will help you import refs from electronic articles, help you with in-text references and then totally format your reference list at the end of your paper. You should be able to buy the software from wherever you are studying and there are ‘how to’ guides all over the internet. Good luck.

Nancy asks…

how long does it take to conduct research and write research paper?

friends i would be greatful if you can help me with following question. Is 4 months enough for coming up with hypothesis, conducting a research ( retrospective or cross-sectional), writing good paper and submitting it? Ofcourse I know publication will take a long time. I am planning to work on two research papers in tele medicine field almost full time for 4 months. Thank you.

vermins answers:

Depends on how hard your subject is and how much digging you need to do.
I am just beginning to write a book for kids. It will be a simple book but since it is not fiction it does take research which can be done online or at a library. Your are doing research paper for what? College, work, to write?
Many who write non-fiction full length books can take a year if they are pushing. Others take 6 months on easier topics. Just make sure you reasearch all avenues dont leave anything uncovered. Push yourself to get more and more infor. You can always drop some of it later if it is not accurate or not appropriate.

Good Luck

Sandy asks…

How to write Introduction to research paper?

I’m writing research paper about working conditions and job satisfaction of professors in universities my country. there haven’t been made any other researches about this topic in my country so i use sources of foreign universities. Its the first time for me writing research paper. I have a difficulty in writing introduction,how should i start? And also could you suggesr few ideas about thesis? thanks beforehand

vermins answers:

The introduction to a research paper can make or break your grade. Those first few words represent the tone of the paper. It has to attract the reader’s attention and fully inform the reader about the topic. In at least five sentences, you will introduce your research, theme and explanation or argument.

Difficulty: Moderate

Research at least five sources on the topic. Don’t bog yourself down with too many sources, though. Seek out official journals in the field you’ll be covering, and pick the best articles or books that closely discuss your specific theme. Avoid generic or independent websites. URLs ending in .org, .gov or .edu are good options. Wikepedia is not a good source for a research paper. Visit your school or local library and use their online databases, such as Ebscoe or ProQuest.

Write the theme of the paper. This only needs to be one detailed sentence, a summary of what you intend to argue with your research. In the theme, you should list at least three, but no more than five, arguments supporting your theme. Use a clear, active voice. The body of the research paper will stem from this sentence. Sum up your research in less than 50 words. Any longer, and you run the risk of losing the reader’s attention. A nice average length is 35 words, but don’t stumble on counting words. That’s secondary to content.

Write an outline for the paper, based on your theme. The outline does not need to be detailed — just a rough sketch of the path you will take to make your point. This will help you organize your sources and flesh out the introductory paragraph.

Introduce the theme in the first sentence of the introductory paragraph. Do not use the theme as the first sentence, though. With a few key words, generalize the theme in relation to the audience or the subject, whichever suits the topic. In a biology paper, you may reflect on the effect a certain species has on its environment. In a literature paper, you can note how an author’s choices affected his life, or state the author’s significance to the literary world.

Below are examples.


“Art therapy offers cancer patients the opportunity to learn to relax and trust their doctor and their medical treatments; to express their fears and anxieties, helping them cope with their disease; to regain self-confidence; and to hopefully experience positive results, such as enhanced energy or lessened pain.”

The theme has four obvious components. The body of the research paper would be structured accordingly.


“The direct relationship between the mind and the body’s ability to heal may never be fully understood, but further studies in art therapy with cancer patients prove that indulging in creative activities like painting or sculpting often decreases pain and increases positive progression through the disease.”

The first line refers to the theme, but does not go into specifics. It reflects on the impact of art therapy on cancer patients as a whole.

Position the theme in your introductory paragraph wisely. Every research paper is unique. The theme often works well as the last line of the introduction. But it can also fall anywhere in between the first and last sentence. The two key sentences are the intro and the theme. Once you have those two, the rest of the sentences (at least three) should further clarify your position and introduce the theme and what you intend to address with your research.

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