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Mon, Jul 2, 2012

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Helen asks…

How to write a 3 page book report? The book is “The Skin i’m in”.?

I have written book reports before that were one page long but never 3. i need some advice on how to stretch it out and make it sound good, instead of just listing events in the story.

vermins answers:

Well you first put your fingers on the keyboard, then you type letters to form words, they together form sentences, they create paragraphs and you keep making paragraphs until you reach 3 pages then you are done. You should probably read the book first, and look at the project rubric too.

Mandy asks…

How do you make a great written book report?

I have a written book report due, and I want to know some tips to make it even better.. How?

vermins answers:

First, analyze the novel: characters, themes, motifs, don’t just summarize the plot. Remember to fame your report coherently and orderly. And most importantly PROOF READ!

Donald asks…

?How do u write a college level book report?

I’m 13 years old and would like to prepare for college by writing as many book reports. I read a lot of books and whenever I finished the book I’m cuurently reading, I would like to write a book report on it. How do I write a college level book report?

How should I start it off?
I know I’m still young but would love to know how. I’m going to high school next year and want to impress the teachers.

vermins answers:

There is no such thing as a “college level book report.” In college you don’t write book reports, you write “papers.” A book report is usually a mindless summary exercise to show you completed your reading assignment. A paper is a scholarly exercise of literary criticism intended to share insights you’ve gained from reading. A college paper might follow the development of themes or compare and contrast characters in one or more works.

If you want to write about your reading, that is great. The more you write, the more skillful you will become. Do NOT summarize the book. Write about your impressions: what did or didn’t you like about the characters, what themes were developed and how were they developed, what did you learn or what did the author try to teach you and did you agree with the author, and how was the book similar or different to other books you have read are a few examples of topics. Ask a librarian to help you find critical essays written about books you have read. Read them carefully so you can begin to understand how literary criticism is written. If you can, find critical readers to comment on your writing. You don’t want people who tell you how good everything is, you want people who are willing to say what is wrong and help you write better. Even at the highest level it is always possible to improve. Finally, keep reading. Read Shakespeare, Milton, and other literature that is considered “great.” The more well-written material you read, the better you own writing will be.

Steven asks…

How do you write a book report from a sociological perspective?

I am reading the book Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin. What exactly does it mean to write a book report from a sociological perspective? if you have read this book, please provide examples, if not, just explain what it means.

vermins answers:

Hi Moose,
Take a major concept from the field of sociology and apply it to your analysis of Griffin’s description of passing for black and then revisiting the same people and settings as a white man. For example, the concept of “social role” is a major sociological concept. The roles we play dictate how we behave, dress, talk, and lead our lives. And how others treat us is dictated to a large extent by those roles. An important aspect of the roles we play involve the racial status we occupy. How people treat us based on the status of our social roles is illustrated nicely by Griffin when he finds that people treat him so differently as he shifts from a black identity to a white one. You might also incorporate the sociological notion of “master status” into your description and analysis. Regards.

Sandra asks…

How do i write a book report Properly?

I am writing a book report in school and I don’t know what I should do to make it right. I want to know the proper way to write it and Title it. What are the details of writing a book report properly.

vermins answers:

The following sites give advice on writing a book report:



I like the last one the best.

Good luck!

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