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Your Questions About How To Write A Book Proposal

Wed, May 9, 2012

Writing and speaking

Thomas asks…

How do you write a book proposal?

Do you follow a specific format and length? How long does it take for you to prepare it?

vermins answers:

Writer’s Market 2007 (or the updated version will be released in 2008) is a terrific guide for writers.

Usually, you write a one page query letter to a publisher. It tells a little bit about your book, a little bit about your publishing credentials, and how your novel can contribute to the company.

Never be cocky and say “I’ve written the next classic” or “I slaved over my desk for hours” when a publisher reads those lines – it’s an automatic rejection. They don’t really care if you spent eight years locked in your basement writing a novel. Leave them to judge if it is a next classic.

Again Writer’s Market will show you the format. Never make it longer than one page – a publisher will probably immediately push it aside.

Carol asks…

How Long Should It Take To Write A Book Proposal?

An agent saw some of my work and liked it,asked me to write
a book proposal. It’s non-fiction,a subject I know well and I have
no idea how long it’s going to take to do this. Anyone?
I know that everyone is different,different styles of working at
their writing,etc. But a ball park would be helpful.
Thank you!
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vermins answers:

Don’t know but I hope you get the job! Is it on a political or social issue? Good luck.

Laura asks…

Help writing a book proposal?

What needs to be included in a book proposal? How long should each part be? How should it be written? Any help appreciated.

vermins answers:

Depends on the type of book u propose, mystery, romance, science or what ever. Normally, each part shd not be more than 6 to 9 pages.
What do u mean by How Should it be written? I dont understand. Pl clarify. How ever, I suggest u use MS Word in ur computer to type out what ever u want to write & u can always edit it later and save it for publication.

Jenny asks…

How to write a good book proposal for a novel?

How do you hook a publisher on your book idea. Considering that you haven’t started writing it, what are some things you should incorporate into your book proposal to get them interested? Should you (in addition to your outline of course), write a summary of major literary themes and philosophies you plan on weaving into your story? Or might that insult their intelligence? Should I let them read the lines in my story itself so they can analyze it themselves? Whats the best method…
And if your an unpublished author, and don’t have a degree or any other major accomplishments, whats the best way to convince them you have the insight and ability to write a good book? Thanks for your help…

vermins answers:

I think the best idea would be to at least get a “rough draft” of your novel finished before you try to pitch it. You’re more likely to be taken seriously if you have something more than just an idea to present.

Richard asks…

I am currently an undergraduate I have a book proposal in mind, how do I ensure I own the rights to it?

I would like to write a book on computational simulation tools for biochemical engineers, I am a 3rd year biochemical engineering student. I would like to release a book. How do I go about this from structuring the proposal to ensuring I am the first author?

vermins answers:

Obtain a copyright./

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