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Your Questions About How To Speak Klingon

Sun, Jun 10, 2012

Writing and speaking

Daniel asks…

Where can you learn how to speak Klingon?

I am a beginning Klingon speaker and need to know a website where I can learn more?

vermins answers:

The most important resource on the Klingon language – tlhIngan Hol – remains “The Klingon Dictionary” by Marc Okrand.
However, there’s also a lot of good material on and (currently down).

I also recommend DaHjaj Hol, a podcast run by the founder of the Klingon language institute:
Start with 110101 and then work your way up from there. The most efficient way to listen to it is to subscribe using iTunes or an RSS reader.
To subscribe using iTunes, go to Advanced, then select Subscribe to Podcast and then enter the URL

batlh tlhIngan Hol yIHaD!

William asks…

How can i fully learn to speak Klingon?

vermins answers:

Try the Klingon Language Institute:

Lisa asks…

whats the most easiest way to learn Klingon language?

I know there are books and some translaters online, but most (all) of them dont seem to work.Is there a site that like gives u lessons of how to speak Klingon???

vermins answers:

Because Klingon is a constructed language, and one with a relatively limited base of speakers, you’re going to find learning materials limited. Therefore, I think what you’re going to find is that you have to be highly self-motivated in order to learn it. By that, I mean that you’re going to have to read what few materials are available on the language, and understand the meaning of grammatical descriptions, and then apply that correctly without assistance from any teacher.

I read an article about the language recently, and from what I understand, it’s a rather fascinating language with a rich, but extremely difficult, grammar. I think it would be an excellent show of intellectual skill to learn Klingon, but it would have very little practical use in the real world. There are only about 20 fluent speakers of Klingon world-wide.

Susan asks…

how to speak Klingon?

does anyone know where i can learn klingon on-line or some where i can buy a book to learn klingon?

vermins answers:

I did find a list of a few books on the subject that may be of interest.

The fictional language has spawned an actual language with a following and numerous reference works. A description of the actual Klingon language can be found in Okrand’s book The Klingon Dictionary (Published by Pocket Books, Simon & Schuster, 1985, second edition with new addendum 1992, ISBN 0-671-74559-X). Other notable works include The Klingon Way (with Klingon sayings and proverbs), Klingon for the Galactic Traveler and the two audio productions Conversational Klingon and Power Klingon.

Three books have also been published in the tongue: ghIlghameS (Gilgamesh), Hamlet (Hamlet), and paghmo’ tIn mIS (Much Ado About Nothing). These last two choices were inspired by a remark from High Chancellor Gorkon in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country that Shakespeare is best read in the original Klingon.

Qapla’Some Trekkies take the time to learn it and at some Star Trek conventions one can hear enthusiasts use it amongst themselves. They often greet each other with the Klingon word nuqneH (literally: “What do you want?”), which is said to be the closest thing to a polite greeting that exists in the language. Another phrase commonly heard among Star Trek fans is “Qapla’”, the Klingon word for “success”.

Sharon asks…

My brother knows how to speak Klingon. Will he ever get laid?

I’m concerned about his chances in society (read: GETTING SOME).

vermins answers:

Not likely. Unless he can find a girl in the dungeons and dragons club.

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