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Tue, Jun 26, 2012

Writing and speaking

Jenny asks…

What would be some good PowerPoint presentation topics for middle school students?

I’m going to teach middle school students how to use PowerPoint. I want them to create a few basic PowerPoint presentations to show me what they’ve learned. One presentation will be an “About Me” presentation. They’d make a PowerPoint presentation that introduces them to their classmates. Any other ideas for simple PowerPoint topics?
I want topics that wouldn’t require any research for my students. Just real simple topics so they can get used to the PowerPoint program.

vermins answers:

Such as lesson plan, after school programs, safety tips, test pre and so on~~

P.S. Here are some free PowerPoint templates you can download.


Steven asks…

Presentation Topics for the Jane Austen Novel Emma?

So we have to do a presentation on the Novel Emma in my english class, basically we have to teach the class how to do something that was in the novel. For example how to dance like they did in the 1800′s. Any ideas?

vermins answers:

I wouldn’t know where to start on the dancing thing, but if you can do multiple things that fit into one idea, maybe you could show how a lady/gentleman is supposed to act in certain situations? How to greet others of various social standings, how to drink tea properly even at a picnic, how to assist a lady in entering or leaving a carriage. You could have fun with that, at least assuming you can’t figure out how to dance.

Or you could just, I don’t know, trim a bonnet or something. That sounds like something you’d find on YouTube.

Lisa asks…

Oral Presentation Topics For English?

Hello, how are we all?
I was looking for a really interesting topic I can research for my English Oral Presentation.
It has to go for a least 6 minutes and has to be a well known ‘Political Conflict’

Hoping you can help.
Kind regards, Kirsty

vermins answers:

You might look at the Politics and Government questions on YA for some ideas.
Here are some other suggestions:
global warming, intelligent design vs evolution in the science curriculum, corporate bailouts, health care reform, or immigration

George asks…

Speech topics/ Presentation topics?

So i have to do a speech for one of my classes. I can pick whatever topic i want and it can be any type of presentation (how to, informational, persuasive, debate, etc…) I am having a hard time thinking of the right topic though. Crazy and funny ideas to make the presentation more exciting would be great! If you have any ideas they would be of great help
thanks as always, Sammy =D

vermins answers:

We had to do informational speeches last year. I did mine on chocolate, cause really who doesn’t like chocolate. I covered how it’s made, the different kinds, and “myths” (like how chocolate doesn’t give you acne)
I also brought in chocolate candy for the class that I gave out at the end of the presentation.

I did very well on this too, 98%.
Something to think about, and good luck!

Helen asks…

What is a good presentation topic for interviewing to be a Kaplan teacher?

They want a 5-minute presentation on a ‘how-to‘ topic of our choice. The example they gave me was how to book an online flight.

vermins answers:

With some creativity the flight scenario could be a good one, but a bit dull. I would do something with a more obvious humanitarian aspect to it. Possible learning about citizenship, the environment, etc.

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