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Your Questions About How To Presentation Examples

Sun, May 20, 2012

Writing and speaking

Chris asks…

How do I cite a quotation from a Powerpoint presentation (see example below)?

There is a quote from a Powerpoint presentation that I want to include in my paper. The only problem is that I don’t know how to cite it (APA). Is the following example correct?

Johnson characterized it as a “wild idea (slide 9).”

vermins answers:

I think you should introduce what you are going to reference, then give the quote.

In Anne McTiernan’s PowerPoint presentation “The Effects of Estrogen on Bone Density” given at the AMA Conference, June 23, 2008 she characterized recent use of postmenopausal hormone as a substance that “may obscure the association between mammographic density and BMD by having a persistent effect on breast tissue” (slide 9).

If you did not want to do that, I have adapted basic rules from web page link below. If you want a definitive answer, you might ask a person who tutors at your college, or email the professor.

(McTiernan, The Effects of Estrogen on Bone Density, 2008, slide 9)

If you know what conference the PowerPoint presentation is from, use this

Sharon asks…

how can i create a menu in my powerpoint presentation slides?

where in each slide the audience can see how many slides lift, and they can see the whole map of the presentation. for example, in each slide there are tabs like, intro, data collection, data analysis, alternative soltion, best solution, and finally conclusion. those all are listed in each slide as a tabs. so the audience can know what stage the presenter is in at the moment.

By the way, i tried to use the master slide, but i doesn’t work. so i need your help.

vermins answers:

Well, I have no clue on how to show how much pages are left. You could just try putting a page number in though. Go to view, header and footer, select footer and check the box next to page number.

For the presentation map thing you are talking about, you might try action buttons. It’s like links to a certain page in your slide show. Go to Auto shapes and select action buttons. Choose the button you want to use, and it will appear on the slide as a fully formattable object. You can repeat this, so that you can access your entire slide show from a single page.
PS: Copy and paste won’t work with action buttons. I tried it, and it was a disaster.

Hope my advice helps!

Ruth asks…

How would you present and practise the present perfect tense to a group of non native english adults?

They are still unable to use it and have focused on the language before. Include examples, presentation, contrast with other tenses and practise activities and student interaction.

vermins answers:

When something is OVER, you must use the past tense.
Key words: when, then, ago, last …, yesterday etc
Did you see the match last night? Yes, I saw it. (it is over)

For an action or period of time that started in the past but is
NOT OVER YET you use the present perfect tense.
Key words: not yet, … Yet?, … Ever?, so far, until now
Have you ever been to Paris? I have been there twice so far.
(the period of time is not over, you could still go there)

But: Have you ever been to Paris? Yes, I was there last summer.

Shakespeare never saw a moose. (over, not possible any more)
I have never seen a moose. (I am still alive, I could go on a trip)

Special cases, ‘since’ and ‘for’
It has been raining since eight o’clock
It has been raining for four hours

for a later stage, only after your friends understand the first steps:
He isn’t here, he has left (result-oriented)
He isn’t here, he left an hour ago (time-oriented)


Lizzie asks…

How the media presents a one sided bias of war?

Need to do a presentation for english on All Quiet on the Western Front and doing “The Media and War”. How can i relate it back to the book and what are some good quotes/examples. Presentation only needs to be six minutes so only a few quotes required to explore in modern and historical context. :)

vermins answers:

I don’t know i haven’t read the book.

I know that in the 1970′s they described the taliban as Freedom Fighters… Now they call them terrorists. Makes people look at them quite differently, maybe comment on how they use language…

Jenny asks…

Shocking statistics about how wasteful people are?

I am putting together a presentation on how much waste there is in our world today. I am looking for interesting/surprising/shocking statistics to incorporate into my presentation. Examples of what I’m talking about are

(1) Americans throw away about 100 billion plastic bags per year.
(2) There are 16635 Starbucks stores. On average, 755951 sales are made at one Starbucks per year. Thus about 16635*755951 = 12 575 244 885 Starbucks sales are made per year. Most of these are plastic/paper cups that end up being thrown away.

Please include references for the statistics you provide. Thank you!

vermins answers:

H&m and wal-mart throw out unsold clothing which they later destroy.

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