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Your Questions About How To Manage Icloud

Tue, Jun 12, 2012

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James asks…

Will iCloud help me in this situation?

Okay so i have a computer that I stored all my music on with itunes and it suddenly got slow, so i bought a new labtop. My iPhone has the music I want, but i want to start using my labtop to manage it, but i dont know how to transfer my old cpu itunes to my labtop so the music on my phone wont get erased or changed. How do i do that? I heard iCloud can help or something?

vermins answers:

Yeah you upload the music to icloud then download it again on the laptop

Sharon asks…

How do you export photos from iphone 4 to itunes?

Can anyone tell me how either icloud works to export photos from iphone to notebook or how i export photos from my iphone to my notebook through itunes with the usb connection?

Also how do you manage your photo albums?


vermins answers:

Check these links:

and how to manage photo album, use Photo Manager Pro

hope it helped :D

Mary asks…

How to get rid of iCloud?

so Iv been having problems with storage and it’s really annoying… When I go to use my camera it says manage settings for more storage,I do that, and it keeps goin back to that same problem after I get more storage… Things like this keep coming up and ICloud is really pissing me off.. I had a iPhone 3G and it held over 3,000 photos now I can only hold 200 on my iPhone 4s which is stupid because its supposed to be better but icloud is preventing that. is there anyway to completely remove it? Ik you can delete it from your phone but Iv tried that and I still have the same problems.. Plz help!

vermins answers:

You can turn iCloud and the notifications off in settings.

Ruth asks…

How can I restore my backup for my iPod?

OK, so I backed up my iPod over iCloud. Then I restored it while jailbreaking. But how can I go back to how my iPod was before? My camera roll pics are gone, and the apps plus music are too. I know that the apps and music are on itunes, but I put specific apps and songs on there, so I need them back the way they were before, so I don’t want to re-put all the apps on there and then delete all the ones I don’t want. Or for the music either. Plus I can’t get my camera roll pics back? How can I get it back? Tips? Suggestions? Ideas? Do you have this problem? Here is some information and what I have tried:

I use Windows xp.
4th Generation iPod ios 5.0.1

Here is what I have tried:
-I went to Settings>>iCloud>>Storage and Backup>>Manage Storage>>(I clicked my iPod under Backups)>>And then under Backup Options, it shows all my apps I had, Camera Roll, and so on. But I can’t do anything with this. Might be helpful.
-I went to Itunes>>Device>>Right Mouse Click>>Restore from Backup. Didn’t help!!!

I have my notes, contacts, mail, and settings back to normal. Nothing else. I want my apps, my music, and my photos back!!! Please help!

vermins answers:

You need to do the apps & music yourself. If u backed it up to icloud; you go to where the photos are and there shud be an option as to where you can sync them to your iPod.
I jailbroke mine a year ago when icloud didn’t exist. My photos just stayed there. I used greenpoison to jailbreak mine(:

Linda asks…

Managing 2 iPhones on the one iTunes account?

I have just upgraded from and iPhone 3GS to and iphone 4. I transfered all my contacts etc to the new phone and have given my old one to my mum. I deleted all my contacts out of my old phone and put hers into it – her contacts appear in my phone (the new one) and mine have reappeared in hers
I am using the same itunes/icloud account for both phones.
So my question is how do i manage 2 seperate contact lists, actually make that 2 seperate phones from the same account?
Pls dont get technical I want the most basic answer pls pls…..step by step would be awesome……

vermins answers:

You can’t. You need to make a new Apple ID and iCloud account to back up to in order to avoid getting your mom’s contacts, etc. On your phone and vice versa.

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