Your Questions About How To Be Come A Best Seller Book

Wed, Jun 27, 2012

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Michael asks…

How come we haven’t had a sequel to the bible being the biggest seller ever you’d think they’d want to cash in

I mean Harry Potter has had seven or eight books about him, i think Harry will be taking over That lad Jesus title as best wizard if he’s not careful.
Looks like Adam & Eve were the first to answer this question.
Oh they’ve gone now must of gone shy…

vermins answers:

They ran out of ideas for that particular fantasy.
But have spent the last 2000 years or so re-writing and modifying it

Charles asks…

WHat do you think of my book report?

Glenn Beck’s Arguing with idiots
how to stop small minds and big government.

#1 new york times best seller Glenn beck comes back yet again with another new york times best seller arguing with idiots, is where Mr. Beck explains when a liberal mind comes at you with a question that catches you off guard, he explains how to talk so sense into them. Mr. Beck also explains the evils of big government. why our government try to:
take away our guns, tell us that using red pens on our children’s school papers is bad for their self-esteem, telling us that using green cars is the only way to save the planet, and that illegal immigration is good for America because these are the kind of jobs Americans don’t want ( which is NOT true!) and all the progressive president whose main goal is: taking away our freedoms so they can rule the way we live to their rules.
as Thomas Jefferson once said “A Government Big Enough to give you everything you want is Strong Enough to take everything you have.” this book explains in a understandable way to why the government wants to take over our freedoms and telling us these things: smoking is bad,you shouldn’t leave you baby alone in the bath, coffee is hot, you shouldn’t put a toilet brush in your mouth, to remove your child before folding up your stroller, and don’t touch a chainsaw when it is moving,
do we need them to tell us these things? do the politicians think we’re idiots cause all the guidelines they to sure suggest so.
oh and don’t forget during the depression when there weren’t any jobs being made but lots of jobs being lost, and FDR got elected to the presidency, what did he do to help? over a period of 6 years he made over thirty four acts to get the economy going again. 34 acts! he acturally prolonged the depression the only way we got out of the great depression was though world war II, because as all the men went out to serve they’re country, all the women were left behind and took the Mens place in all the jobs.
oh and all the people who are objective to capitalism and who say socialism is so much better it’s all even steven, you get all the same pay the same work it’ must be fair right? they say capitalism is a “failure” well I tell you this it’s not pure capitalism it’s a mix of capitalism, and greed when money greed get they’re s no telling what will happen.
oh and the BIGGEST issue with the liberals what thy want more than anything is the control of…… drum roll please… HEALTH CARE REFORM!!
WHY? does it work so much better than our system we have now?
actually it doesn’t that’s just what they want us to believe.
quote from Mr. Beck’s arguing with idiots on healthcare in great Britain, “About 20 percent of patients with colon cancer at the time of discovery are considered incurable by the time treatment is finally available” now what does that tell us?
that we have to wait for care, wait,wait,wait and wait and by the time heath care is available it’s too late.
in Canada they have a lottery ticket sort of thing for healthcare.
now these are the things that are going on in our country and no one will talk about them, this book highlights all the things every American should know.

vermins answers:

That is excellent!

James asks…

Is publishing a novel worth it this days…?

So yeah, many aspiring writers dream to see their books published on the best seller books for years. I’m one of those people but I know that the sad reality of publishing is that these days if a publisher takes more than two or three writers is a miracle… I’m not the type of writer that writes about stuff popular with western audiences, to be more exact, I write anime type plots, which I think would be called light novels and would be accepted in japan but I don’t know much Japanese…I have heard that western publishers laugh at this type of plots and only take on mature stuff. Which I honestly consider boring. I have also heard that as soon as they get the copy-right they do as they please, change everything so it becomes more merchandise like and I am REALLY personal with the books I write and would only fall into depression if a publisher were to change MY story into some crappy thing to out-sell, change the plot I spend so much writing with my love and even change it’s title, which I tend to do in a really symbolic way. I KNOW that with this type of thinking is extremely immature and that I will most probably never even get a publisher to look at me as I take my stories way to seriously…

There is also the fact that in my island they ONLY take books that are written in Spanish, have a relation to the culture and patriotism( I hate my country so I would never write anything related with it. ) plus they pay more attention to the morals of the book than the very book itself. I am really anti-moral on my novels and on purpose make them controversial. I know I can send manuscripts to some by e-mail if I meet their standards so I don’t worry much about what my island publishes.

I also seem like I was born naturally bad with grammar and stuff related with rules. Anyways, that is not the question. I know that I can self-publish in websites like e-book but I’m aware most don’t ever gain popularity…

So, HONESTLY,is it really worth it to even try publish your book so just some guy or lady comes and change everything I made and publish something that was not my original work. I just like writing and would like people to read them. I don’t care about money. In my case is it better to at least try send a manuscript, just go to a popular online writing website and publish them or try out e-book or somehow take Japanese classes, find a way to go to Japan and IF I’m lucky show it to a publisher and just hope they take it.

I don’t see my books as just mechanics , I see them as a piece of my life, an important part I use to express myself, I see my characters as people I have given life too and make their own stories, that they teach me what to write. I don’t even get how an author would just write a story without feelings over it and let somebody else mess with it.?

vermins answers:

By the sounds of things your writing would appeal to a “niche” audience, one that exists but is not considered mainstream. I don’t know much about anime but I’d assume that you draw as well to accompany your writing. Publishers do edit writing, though the reputable ones tend to change things because they want to improve the book and its marketability. The rules might be different for your genre.

As for your last sentence, that’s not true. Most authors love their characters and their story but know which things they need to let go. They aren’t precious about their work or behave like “speshul snowflakes” who freak out over every minor alteration. They all have their limits as to how much they will let people change their work and mosts changes are done by the authors as suggested by the editor(s).

Have you read any graphic novels lately? They are becoming more widely accepted and may be similar to what you do. You might want to look into that if you can, and maybe if you want to publish (though I doubt it due to the tone of your question) you could try publishing internationally. Many writers publish in America if they have trouble placing their work within their own country.

Mark asks…

I have a book you may be interested in?

I came across a book that was written around the same time as the bible & it states that “As they sat around the campfire drinking, they told stories of how life became to be. They began talking about how they had previously written a book they called a bible which everyone believed & became a best seller so, they continued on the fantasy that people wanted to read”. It also states that “they spoke about God being female but, because they were all men & afraid their wives would get jelous, they wrote her up as a man”.

I kid you not.

Im holding a seminar in a months time if you are interested. I invite you to see this proof.
It went on to become a best seller. And Yes, it was written by a family of the person this story is based on so, the story was haded down through the generations & they have stated that their story is just that.
Oh well. I have the proof. You dont. Stick to the bible “story”. I know the real story.

vermins answers:

I have a book too, its called The God Delusion written by Richard Dawkins.

Susan asks…

So, I came across this book in a catalog: Castration, The Advantages & Disadvantages by Victor Cheney. Do…?

…you think it will be a best-seller? And since it was written by a Cheney, has an army-green cover, what are the odds it’s a Haliburton “how-to” torture manual written by one of Uncle Dick’s relatives?

vermins answers:

That depends on the actual topic inside and how it is written.
It could be literal as you suggest or possibly a marriage primer from a mans point of view.
Could it be a political how to book being as most politicians do not have balls, a backbone, morals or privacy but do reap the benefits of money, position and power?

If it is being sold as a fund raiser and guaranteed that the proceeds go to castrating “Uncle Dick”, Bush and some of the other puppets and idiots that have been in powerful positions so that it makes them unable to carry on the genetics, I would not care what it is about I would buy a couple copies as I am sure enough others would so it would stay on the #1 position for a long time. It could be blank pages or recycled old newspaper for that matter, it would be bought with no intent of reading it.

Edit: I checked out the book, too bad it is exactly what the title says and was copyrighted in 2003 so I doubt it will be a bestseller. Then again if they could pull off the idea as a fund raiser for said purposes I would still buy a copy.

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