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Tue, Jul 3, 2012

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Richard asks…

In 1989, Salahuddin Choudhudy, from Calcutta, circumnavigated the world in fastest time in car. I need details

In 1989, Salahuddin Choudhudy, from Calcutta, circumnavigated the world aboard a Hindustan Contessa Classic automobile for a distance of 24,900 road miles in 69 days 19 hrs 5 mins, earning him the current Guinness World Record for first and fastest circumnavigation by car.
I am writing an essay on this topic. I need information about Choudhury in Calcutta

vermins answers:

The fastest trip round the world by car was made by Mohammed Salahuddin Choudhury and his wife Neena from Calcutta in 1991.

They drove 24,901 miles in 39 days and 20 hours, starting and finishing in Delhi. The record has since been “rested” by Guinness World Records for reasons of safety.

Chris asks…

Why are newspaper columns only a couple inches wide and the rest of the world’s writing is…?

…8-1/2 inches wide?
Does it have something to do with how we read? Could we read answers and discussion boards faster if they were narrower?

vermins answers:

Basically a shorter width means the eye has less work to do shifting from side to side to read the lines. Also, with single columns it’s easier to adjust the text on the page or shift it elsewhere, which is done in the Composing Room. Page setup these days is somewhat different from the old ways of using linotype machines and hot metal which was how newspapers began. Computers took over somewhere in the 1970s. We’d probably read the discussion boards faster with single column but that would mean a lot more of scrolling down to do!

James asks…

I am writing a slow song on the world and people?

I need some tips and ideas someone help FAST ASAP!!!!!!!!!!

vermins answers:

Yeah do what Daniel said

Daniel asks…

Is the world ready for my world?

The greatest fictional war story ever written fast approaches, are you all ready for it? Then you’ll soon be invited to venture deep in a world govern by benevolent deities and a hidden force of terrible power. Here witness the tale of heroes and their quest for the utter salvation of their world. Enter a mystic world rich in history, wonders and magic. Where monsters thrive the lands, sea and sky. Mighty kingdoms stand and steel rules supreme. You will soon be invited to enter this land and stride towards adventure and exitement alongside perils and hardships. Will your courage brave the things to come? You will all know in due time.

vermins answers:

Sounds like a good book. Did you write it??

Mary asks…

How many tree are being cut around the world at this very moment?

i need this FAST!! im writing a persuasive essay about global warming and climate change. i need the resource you got your answer from to. and if you really want to help me out, give me some things critics are saying about global warming that show that its not a problem. Thanks =)

vermins answers:

I looked this up on 13 different websites and they all gave me 5-3 each day, 4 billion each year!

Critics around the world are being very dramatic about the tree loss arould the world. The amazon rain forest is the next goal to try and save. Animals arould the world are struggling to survive without homes, food, or water sorces. Since trees give us humans oxygen and people are cutting them down how are we supposed to live past the next century or two? China has had a huge impact of this. China has become more diverse and are taking over the world in population. I know that china has the 1 chils policy but it isnt helping much when they have 1.3 billion people and there are 34 new babies born per minute. Every year chinas population increases by 7 million!

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