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Wed, Nov 14, 2012

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Joseph asks…

Is this a technical ‘object of desire’? SSD’s now breaking SATA-150 limits?

Just read OCZ are realsing this anytime now, just price being the issue now…

Link: http://www.tomshardware.com/2008/03/12/ocz_announces_super_fast_ssd_with_120mb_s_read_and_100mb_s_write_speeds/

At $500 – I’m in. $1k is way too much for a single disk.

Anybody tried an SSD yet?
To the idiot who said SSD was garbage: Have you tried memory-based storage? I have had an i-RAM, but being only 4GB it was not enough. It was blindingly fast though.

Now, OCZ gaurentee 120Mb/s read and 100Mb/s write, so whats the problem?

Also, 4 or 5 disks? Did you notice this was a Q in the LAPTOP section?

Laptops guys – we’re talking LAPTOPS….no 10k rpm disks for laptops exist in the mainstream a far as I know, and I’m a computer teachnician.

I don’t think the media ‘hype’ is hype in this instance. And to prove it, check Tomshardware in a week or so and you’ll likely see for yourself.
I understand the USB 2.0 thing too, but I don’t think that argument applies to this device. Granted a couple of SSD‘s launched thus far have fallen short of the mark, but a few companies have kept their promises too, and they have preformed to specification.

Did you even see the link?

vermins answers:

Well, I don’t know where that guy gets his info but SSDs are much faster the normal hard drives, they are more stable and ofcourse, use less power. A SSD is the exact same thing as a flash dirve but operates faster because the information is not passing through a system BUS. For memory card or USB flash drive, the information passes through the memory BUS for the media card reader or USB controller and this adds a few milli seconds to the data transfer. SSD’s do not have this issue.

SATA-150 never really became a standard as 99% of motherboards use either IDE or SATA-II which SSD’s can handle just like a regualr HD. SATA-II or SATA-300 has been the standard already for a couple of years and will be the standard for a few more.

I have a SSD in my laptop and it’s great. Little quicker to access files and to open things like WMP. It even boots Windows up a little quicker also. Most regular laptop HD only run at 5400RPM compared to the standard 7200RPM of desktop HD’s. They even have 10,000RPM and 15,000RPM HD’s for desktop all to help increase these speeds. With no moving parts the SSD can access the information faster and having no moving parts is what helps lower power consumption.

I would expect the next generation of HD that exceed the 300MB/s bandwidth would most likely use fiber optic cables instead of standard copper wire.

Mark asks…

6x raid0 HDD vs 2x raid0 SSD .. Which one have better for performance ?

i already have 4x raid 0 WD caviar HDD , and looking for upgrade to get more performance ( fast boot loading , fast file read / copy / write , fast installation speed , fast windows installation , fast file compression)

which one will give me better performance ? 2 SSD in raid0 or add 2 more HDD to make my raid0 HDD x 6 ?

vermins answers:

Raid to a 120gb vertex 3′s and you’ll be at 1gb/s reads and writes. What do you get?

Oh, and no seek time.

Nancy asks…

Is this SSD a cheap one? Or do you recommend it? I’m looking for a lightning fast SSD…?

Well, I was looking at an “OCZ Agility 3 120GB”, which has read speeds of 525MB and write speeds of 500MB. It’s from a local store so it definitely has warranty. It costs $227.70, plus taxes.

I actually have a 5’400rpm HDD. Slow as crap, but new. Lol. I just want my laptop (i7. 6GB RAM and GT540M) to boot in less than 1 minute… whilst loading programs I do need… my laptop has TOTAL Boot times ranging at around 100 Seconds, with everything on. Without, it’s just a minute. However, 30 seconds or somewhat nearby would be way better.

My price range is from $150-$300, as I want an SSD with at LEAST 120GB’s.

1.) Do you recommend any SSD? Or, do you actually even recommend an SSD?
2.) Is it overpriced? (Not counting the fact SSD‘s are expensive)
3.) How fast do you think my laptop would boot? It’s an ASUS K53SV-B1.
4.) If I were to fill 115GB off 120GB, would it slow down?
5.) Will it be a good buy?

I’m just tired of having my HDD booting slow…. The computer is perfect, but a slow HDD is just the total opposite of my needs. Of course, I don’t need my laptop to boot in less than 10 seconds, lol.

Trying to make an improvement that will be worth with time… will it be?

There’s also a Crucial M4 128GB SSD costing around $6 more, but read/write speeds are rated at around 400/300MB????

There’s also a Crucial M4 128GB SSD costing around $6 more, but read/write speeds are rated at around 400/300MB????

There’s also a Crucial M4 128GB SSD costing around $6 more, but read/write speeds are rated at around 400/300MB????

There’s also a Crucial M4 128GB SSD costing around $6 more, but read/write speeds are rated at around 400/300MB????

Damn… 4 posts :(
By boot time I meant from choosing OS to Login Screen, AND, MAJORLY, desktop loading.

vermins answers:

I own a 120 GB Intel Solid-State Drive. It’s only a SATA II drive (250/130 mbps), but it’s already pretty fast.
However, I’d recommend OWC’s SSD’s. {EDIT: It’s not that I don’t like the Intel SSD–I do–but OWC’s SSD’s are faster (more expensive, but faster).} I’ve heard great things about them and will be ordering one soon. They’re known for their quality, speed, and stability over time.
They have two SATA III drive lines and 1 SATA II drive line.
$190 will get you a 120 GB SSD with 556MBps/523MBps for ‘Peak Data Rate’ and 208/235 MBps for ‘Incompressible Data Rate’. It has a 3 year warranty.
$240 will get you the slightly faster (‘prosumer’) 120 GB SSD with 559/527 MBps PDR and 479/282 MBps for IDR. 5 year warranty.

$182 will get you a 120 GB SSD. 285/275 MBps Read/Write.

EDIT: FYI, my computer’s boot time went from like 5 minutes (including countless startup items and crap like that) to under 1 minute, fully loaded. And that was with a SATA II SSD. A SATA III SSD like the ones above will be more than enough for you.

Helen asks…

Dose the read and write speed of a Hard Drive has something to do with buffering movies and downloading?

or is it all about having a strong fast internet connection? I have 8gb of memory intel i5 windows 7 etc but after reading reviews on SSD‘s on how they read/write faster then HD’s, I’m starting to wonder if there is any difference with the speed of buffering movies online and downloading them.

vermins answers:

No, it has no effect. The computer isn’t reading or writing to or from its drive when it’s buffering. It’s transferring data over its Internet connection into memory.

David asks…

Wanna Buy a SSD but have some questions, plz help me if u know anything about the subject.?

Have an Acer aspire 5930G but the HDD sounds bad and wanna upgrade to an fast SSD

1. I wanna Buy a SSD thought about a OCZ vertex series 3 120GB (says sata III??) WTF is sata III


now my problem is can i Use the OCZ Vertex series 3 2.5″ in my Acer lappy as i can with series 2?? Now to the problem. it says OCZ vertex SATA 2 and sata 3. in the store one guy said its no problem put a SATA III in a ACER aspire 5930g. the other guy either is stupid or just boared at his job. he said Woot: No u cant the SATA III is so new that no computer can handle the OCZ vertex “SATA 3″ til atleast 2012

Asked in another store he confirmed first guys story that YES u can use a seriers 3.

im no expert but only thing ive heard in the magazine is S-ATA. so i guy says it wont work and that it wont work on any computer until year maybe 2012 sounds stupid right. but if un have a bad F day or really are that stupid change job. a bad day is ok but dont F around with costumers.

So please people who knows the answer witch is yes u can use a series 3 in a acer aspire 5930G. (who says u cant also write why) especially if there is a BS theory with not compatible 2.5″ with 2.5″ series 2 to 3 cause pc-mag says diffrent

what is IOPS says e.g in spec 400000IOPS what does that mean??
and the about 550MB/Sread and 500MB/S write. its the OCZ vertex series 3 120GB or buy the slower series 2 (released -10) 285MB/read & 275 MB/S write and its 160GB.

both cost around 268€ or 381 $ if anybody knows a better SSD for max 270-280€ please tell me if you own one and if i shld consider other brand than OCZ. what ive checked they have best performance in that price range. but please share your thoughts and experience.


vermins answers:

Sata is backwards compatible. That means you can use sata III drives on a sata I motherboard or a sata III motherboard ans use a sata I drive. But you will only get the speeds of the lesser one. So your sata III drive will read at sata II speeds. And the r/w speeds listed on the drive probably are listed for sata III.

SSD dont have problems with fragmenting like normal hdd, as there is no fast/slow section of the drive, so i would tell you never drag a SSD. As you waste your writes.

IOPS stands for Input/outputs Operations Per Second. Its a benchmark basically.

SSD are much faster, produce less heat, use less power. And they usually will last for 1,000,000 hours (114years). But they have a limited amount of times they can be written to. But its like 1,000,000,000 times you can write. So really tbh it will probably last longer then a normal hdd anyway.

And i believe the series 2 is a sata II drive and series 3 is a sata III, really if your laptop uses sata II you will probably only get the speed of the series II anyway, so id say get the 160gb.

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