Your Questions About Fastest Dvd Writing Software

Tue, Jun 5, 2012

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Robert asks…

best latest and fast DVD writing software please?

vermins answers:

I think Ahead Nero

William asks…

i want a good DVD writing software what can be preferable?

im using nero 7 and it is taking almost 35 to 40 min for writing a DVD which is too much..and so please recommend me a good one with more efficient or just tell me the tips to make NERO more faster..

vermins answers:

Use faster DVDs. The writing is based on the speed of the disk and the speed of the drive. You may have a slow drive, or be using slow discs. However, the faster you burn DVDs the more unstable they become and the larger chance for an error to be burned into the disc, rendering it somewhat unusable.

You can try un-checking the Verify Contents after Burning Option

Sandra asks…

Best And Fastest Dvd writer software?

hey guys i wanna know which is the best dvd writing i have tried nero and roxio but is there anything fatser than them

vermins answers:

Get a Presidian Player! It’s phenomenal. The guide to burning/watching DVDs is incredibly easy to understand, and it works SUPERFAST. I don’t know what it costs, but my dad bought it years ago and he’s a cheapskate, so…. It should be fine.

Donna asks…

Fast DVD Creation Software?

Does anyone know of any software which creates DVDs quickly? I do not mean write speed, but DVD software which creates menus, and titles quickly. Currently the one i use now takes about 30 minutes to create the titles before burning the media to a disk.

vermins answers:

How about…

Windows DVD Maker

Total Video2DVD

Ashampoo Burning Software


and tons of others.

John asks…

What software to copy camcorder DVDs to my computer, edit them, and write them to a new DVD?

I have several mini (8cm) DVDs which have been recorded on by a DVD camcorder – what software should I use to copy the videos onto my computer, edit them, and write them back to a different DVD?

A few notes to bear in mind:
- the DVDs are formatted in VR mode as opposed to Video mode, and I’d want to write back to a new DVD in Video mode so the software would have to be able to deal with both and do any nessecary conversions
- the different clips are all stored in one title and are split by chapters, and I’d want each chapter separated into different files
- the videos are recorded at different qualities and aspect ratios, so the software would have to be able to deal with 4:3 and 16:9 at various quality levels, and preferably convert between them
- I currently have a distinct lack of disk space, so a program which saved to disk with uncompressed AVI wouldn’t much use as I’d run out of disk space far too fast.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to message me.

vermins answers:


try one of them =)

they have lots of trial things you can use for that.

As for editing video, either buy an aditional hard drive, or usb external one. Or doing them ONE at a time..

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