What’s The Purpose of Recycling?

Mon, May 28, 2012

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These days all we hear about is how we need to recycle everything in order to save our environment from peril. Must we actually go to all of that trouble? Think about the fact that a single plastic shopping bag can take roughly 1,000 years to totally decay. One thousand years is a long time for only one bag. Estimate the number of trash bags you use every year along with those plastic shopping bags. Then times that by the number of people in the country… it all adds up. We can choose to use it again it by recycling and stop it from sitting in a landfill decomposing for years. Lots of things are recycled nowadays, for instance old worn tires are split down and utilized as tread for playgrounds and shopping bags made of plastic can be remade into clothing. Almost anything can be reused.

Fifteen years ago, the town of Lemoore, California began a really tough recycling program. If residents neglected to observe the recycling rules, they were fined. Majority of the town residents opted to follow and the town benefited greatly from recycling. A new water park and a new playground were built. They were able to fund other municipal necessities such as a police department and pre-school scholarships through their recycling program. So, not only does recycling help to reuse waste products, it can also make cash for other things.

Most probably, you believe that you as a single person can’t make a big difference by your recycling but just imagine how much the world would change if everyone did just a little bit of a recycling. Land fill sites would be a lot smaller, meaning they are more inexpensive to operate as well as not leaving a terrible scar on the surrounding area. Remember that money can be raised for impoverished residential areas from recycling and the environment will benefit too! Everyone profits.

Even if the environment is not a priority for you, keep in mind that the beasts have to live here as well. Global warming and other environmental issues are killing wildlife and also ruining the planet. By just spending a small amount of time recycling, you’re saving the earth for the next generation to enjoy, just like you have.

Perhaps you don’t see how long it truly takes each item you toss to rot. As mentioned above, a plastic bag will take around 1,000 years to decompose. A glass jar may really take up to one million years to decay and styrofoam may never decay at all while other items, such as disposable diapers and milk bottles, can take hundreds of years. As all of these items are recyclable, why should we throw them away?

Apparently, there are a number of things we can’t recycle at the moment, but with the technology becoming even more advanced we might find new ways of recycling and new uses of different materials. In the meanwhile, there is no excuse for not recycling things like plastics, metals and glass. In many communities, you can recycle these items for free so there’s no reason not to do your part in preserving our home. We could do a lot of good if everyone decided to help.

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