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Top Interior Decor Trends for 2011

Thu, May 24, 2012

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Pattern consultants in home decor modify “what’s hot” every year, simillar to fashion designers. Consequently for 2011, we are proud to examine some of the leading home decors that will definitely impress your friends and family or perhaps even inspire you to apply some of the ideas in your own home.

One of the hottest designs this year is the retro theme. It is not only preferred in weddings but in home decorating as well. Get out the old furnishings from the 1960′s and get them re-upholstered in a fashionable textile. Second-hand stores and “thrift shops” are getting replaced by trendy “vintage furniture” as the places where you can get fresh ideas.

Wall decoration and wall covers are ageless and can often jazz up a room. They can create virtually any style and atmosphere with the right selection. Wall murals are one of the hottest trends in 2011, included in both interior and exterior applications. Murals produce an illusion of space on walls, as well as on floors. An excellent advantage of modern murals is they can certainly be moved to your new home when you sell your old one. A more extreme look may be the use of metallic paint on the ceiling which is further improved upon by a spectacular lighting fixture.

Then again, many people are now seeking approaches to decorate using ecologically conscious components. Saving energy is a considerable consideration which has created sales of new technologies such as LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes.) There are even kitchen utensils that happen to be constructed from eco-friendly materials. Even though they appear the same, they are made from materials that are designed to biodegrade rapidly. Lights carry out a major purpose in creating your theme, and the latest fashion requires hanging lamps throughout the home.

Colorings are one more element that helps develop your theme, and many colors that were popular some time ago are making a comeback. Certain trendy colors like orange and lime green have got a bit of playfulness about them. Not all your rooms need to be whimsical, and the use of classic neutral tones can provide a little class to your decor. Given the challenges of modern life it is no wonder that calming tones such as aqua and avocado continue to stay in vogue.

Simply no room is more crucial in today’s home than the kitchen. The structure in present day kitchens requires an open scheme with no shortage of ventilation. Since the rest of the family spends so much time in here, you should make sure you select materials that are pleasant and long lasting. Take advantage of recyclable products for your countertops and other decor to create a natural workspace.

There are many affordable ways to noticeably improve the appearance and functionality of your home. Hopefully you now have enough of a sense of the popular themes for 2011 to carry out a number of them in your own home.

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