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Three Tips To Become A Speed Reader

Wed, May 2, 2012

Self improvement

Do you want to learn how to speed read? It’s easy to do! And it is a timesaver as well. Speed reading is a very useful skill that will allow you to save time, and read more book by processing information faster. Speed reading is a skill that anyone can learn which will free up more time during the day and allow you to learn more. Speed
reading is something everyone can learn. In fact, after reading this article, you will know how to increase your reading speed by double. Let’s get started.

What slows down most people when they read is that they pause on every word or possibly each individual character or letter. Not only is this inefficient but, surprisingly, it can also be detrimental to understanding the overall concept of what is being read. If you take in groups or chunks of words at one glance, you’ll find that this is a faster and more efficient way to read. This will probably seen unnatural when you first try it, but it’s a matter of looking at entire sentences at once rather than single words. You really don’t need to spend time on every little word, and when you’re able to absorb chunks you’ll be reading faster and understanding better as well. One thing that will definitely speed up your reading is to learn to practice everyday. For starters, do a really easy book and start reading it and timing yourself as you do it. With your index finger, put it on the first sentence of the book, and time yourself for five minutes. Using your index finger, by moving it a little faster each time, you will force yourself to go more quickly. A combination of using your peripheral vision and reading small parts of information is the goal. Once the timer goes off, make a small “1″ near the last word you read. After you do another test, mark the next spot with a “2″ to see how far you have gone past the “1″. You need to time yourself several more times, each time marking the spot where you stop. These drills will inevitably lead to you reading faster. In fact, by the fifth test, you should be very familiar with the text you are reading. Reading will become faster for you, especially after you have read several different portions of the text.

The next thing you should do is organize your material in such a way that will help you read faster than normal. Most non-fiction books contain subheadings, bolded phrases and words and outlines. What you want to do is quickly scan through this information. This will give you a general idea of what you’re reading so that you can read it much faster. After you have the book in your possession, go through the entire book looking at the table of contents, subheadings, and anything that catches your eye or stands out on the page. Once you read this, you’ll know what to expect. You will be able to fill in the proverbial blanks and ignore the filler, absorbing only the content within the manual. These techniques should prove useful in helping you master the skill of speed reading. Learning how to speed read is a simple matter of practicing a little bit each day. What will probably happen is that your life will be impacted in a positive way and your speed reading will dramatically improve in just a couple short weeks.

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