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Wed, Jun 27, 2012

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The planet is being polluted each and every day, and it’s not just one thing but many different things that cause this to happen. You should realize that this pollution isn’t something which has to happen and by making a few changes it’s something which we can fix. You need to be aware that it’s really important nowadays for men and women to begin to use the three R’s, reduce, recycle and reuse, to help make a positive effect on the planet. We’re going to be discussing the three R’s of green living in the following paragraphs and what you can do to help the issue of pollution on the planet.

To be able to reduce, which is the first R in the three R’s, this means cutting back on anything that you may possibly be wasting each and every day. As opposed to leaving all your lights on each day you need to ensure that you turn them off in order to reduce the amount of electricity you use. Another thing you ought to do is to make certain that you only prepare enough food for the meal you’re about to eat. In most cases if men and women end up cooking too much food they either toss it in the trash or put in the refrigerator and throw it away a few days later.

The second R, recycle, is yet another way the you can actually have a positive effect on our world. There loads of items that people end up throwing in the garbage that could be recycled like glass items and paper items, these products really need to be recycled. Our natural resources are now being stripped from the earth constantly but if we were to recycle everything which is possible we could save a number of these resources. Our world is currently in a dire situation and this is incredibly important in order to preserve the planet for generations to come.

That leads us to the last R, which is reuse. You are going to realize that is very important to try and reuse any kind of product you can instead of throwing it in the trash. Many people throw away their clothing when it’s worn out or has a hole in it but you need to realize that these can in fact be reused for something else. These things can end up being used for cleaning around your home in addition to a lot of other things. While it is important to keep glass containers out of the trash you are going to discover that you can reuse these class containers as a kind of storage for garage or kitchen supplies. Energy is being utilized and pollution is being produced even when items are being recycled how they should be, and that’s why it’s better to reuse an item if you can. While recycling causes some pollution, it is a lot less pollution than to make the item from scratch, so recycling is better than wasting.

We have just covered a number of the basics of the three R’s, but there are many other things which you can reuse, recycle and reduce. You need to also pass this on to anyone and everybody who you think will take the three R’s and live by them. If we can get increasingly more individuals to begin following the simple guidelines the planet may very well heal itself. Pretty soon will likely be too late to do anything about the health of our planet which is why it is important to take action now.

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