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The Ultimate Green Lumber Is Made Out Of Recycled Plastic

Mon, Jun 4, 2012

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Chances are that you have never heard of ultimate green lumber, unless you work in construction. Decks and deck furniture are common uses of this product, which any environmentally aware man or women will promote wholeheartedly. Eco-lumber and plastic lumber are two other names for the product, but there are several others, including poly-wood, poly-wood, and permo-wood. The patio furniture industry has been radically altered by the introduction of this material, which is not merely eco-friendly but economical to use also.

The final product looks like a piece of lumber, but the amazing thing is that there is no wood in it, only milk jugs and other recycled plastic containers. This eco-friendly product doesn’t just look like lumber, it also has the same feel and can be tooled, cut and sawed like any regular piece of lumber. Wherever you are used to finding lumber, particularly out-of-doors, you now see this material: in playground equipment, benches and tables in public spots, and of course, decks and patio furniture. This green product is a terrific way to utilize the ever-growing amount of plastics that are being recycled. Just ten years ago, 234 million pounds of plastic bottles were recycled, and that number has now grown to 1.5 billion pounds.

Hardwood lumber does have several downsides, such as the chemical treatment it calls for to protect it against insects. Over time, the wood will begin to decompose when left outside, and it will need some kind of refinishing, as well as sanding. Plastic lumber does not contain any deadly chemicals and will thus not pollute the soil. It’s really low on maintenance also, requiring only a periodic hose-down. It doesn’t matter where you reside, the plastic lumber has been made to hold up to tropical sun, hard winters, and coastal weather that is salty and windy.

You oftentimes see moulded plastic items, like chairs on decks, which should not be mistaken for the ultimate green lumber. Eco-lumber is available as a 2 by 4 or 2 by 6, and is a dense and hence heavy material. It could be sawed and cut just as you would real hardwood, and screwed down. Usual applications presently are anything that goes around a pool or on a deck, but new ways of using it are being dreamed up all the time. This lumber made out of recycled plastic is both a practical and cost-effective alternative for normal hardwood. It has many uses, is guaranteed to last a long time, and doesn’t rot, splinter, or get infested with bugs.

The more furniture that is constructed out of recycled plastic, the fewer trees need to be killed. Saving trees is one of the most important issues with environmentalist, and individuals who are into green living. As a result, the hunt is on for applications where the use of plastic lumber makes good economic sense and environmental sense as well. This product doesn’t need any upkeep and it is beneficial to the environment.

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