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Seeking Child Custody – Here is Some Advice

Tue, Jun 5, 2012

Kids and teens

Nobody desires to fight over the custody rights of their own children. When you first have a child, it isn’t a usual thing to picture yourself and the other parent of your child arguing with one another in front of a judge, over custody or visitation privileges of your child (or children). Nobody really wants this to take place. But, sometimes it has to happen. Whether you need child custody help because you and your spouse are splitting up and you want to make sure you understand your options or this is your fifth time in front of a judge because you’re desperate to get sole custody of your son or daughter, it can’t hurt to ask for child custody help.

Be sure to get an attorney who knows what they are doing. When it comes to battling over custody rights, it is crucial for you to have an attorney who is highly knowledgeable about Family Court. A “normal” lawyer isn’t always the best move for this kind of case. You will have to find someone who practices family law and custody cases. These attorneys are much more knowledgeable with how Family Court operates (which is quite a bit different than Criminal or Civil Court). You should pursue an attorney who has experience working with children and is aware of what judges look for when figuring out what is best for the children. You will be much better off if you try to get someone who has a great knowledge of how to work with Child and Family Services as well because they will have had experiences working with the Department of Child and Family Services and making them feel mirthful if they get a call to help you with mediaton. When you require child custody help, you need to be certain that you are aware of your state laws. There are federal and state laws that command how custody wars should be settled. They cover what to do if a parent moves out of state, if children are taken over state lines and a number of other issues that commonly arise. Some states even have acts that rule who will “automatically” be granted custody during a custody battle or when parents are in the middle of a separation period. The more you recollect about the laws within your state, the better you’ll be at aiding your lawyer and the courts at recognizing why you are deserving of the custody arrangements you are requesting.

Do everything you can to work with your son or daughter’s other parent. The judge will see this, if your case has to go to court and it will have a positive impact on the outcome. Try to understand where the other parent is coming from. Although, this does not mean you automatically give in to their wishes. However, if it is save for your child, try to come up with a compromise that meets the other parent’s needs or expectations. The goal is not to beat the other person. But it is about what is best for the kids.

Seeking child custody help can be done for many reasons. Whatever your reasons, just remember two things. One is that your child’s best interest are the ultimate goal. Also, if you have to go to court, the more you know the better off you will be.

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