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Practical Tips to Improve Your Articles

Fri, Jun 1, 2012

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There’s no simpler, more powerful way to get publicity and traffic for your online business than article marketing. There’s a good reason why article marketing is so widely recommended as a tool for generating traffic and sales. Many people today try to save time by using automated solutions for writing and submitting articles. If you care about quality, however, you’ll take the time to write all of your articles by hand and not seek shortcuts. Of course writing your articles isn’t exactly easy; in fact, for some people writing articles can be quite difficult. So if your goal is to become a better article writer and marketer, the following tips will prove quite useful to you.

Prior to starting, you should always outline your articles first. This is different than brainstorming. What you write about is usually ascertained through some sort of brainstorming in which you determine what to write about ahead of time.

Whether you’re writing future articles, or articles right now, this brainstorming process helps you get the ideas that you need. When people outline an article, it provides a roadmap of what to do. You take some of the things you thought up in your brainstorming session and plot exactly where in the article you want to talk about them. When you do this, and actually start to write the articles, you will know exactly where to put everything when it comes time to write.

Your readers will like a format that is kept casual. Beginner Internet Marketers tend to think the best articles are those that are dependable, without much pizzazz. The best approach is a lighthearted one. Your readers should sense that you are speaking directly to them. You do not want them to feel like objects. Do not confuse condescending and conversational. You may want to hire a proofreader if you feel like you are not sending the right message. You do not want to lose potential customers!

Resist the urge to use a lot of technical jargon in your articles.

Although it is true that some people will understand what you are talking about, a majority of your readers will not – this is why you should never use anything technical in the content itself. We are not telling you to “dumb down” the articles that you write. As long as you write in a conversational manner, with everyday words, it should work out just fine. So you want to write your article to motivate hundreds, if not thousands of people, to go to your website and buy your products and services. This is why you are writing! If people don’t understand your articles, that isn’t going to happen. Even experienced article marketers can find ways to make their articles even better. The truth is that nobody is ever perfect at article writing. Practicing is probably the most effective way to get better at writing articles. What works for you might not work for your friend (and vice versa). This is why it is important to really learn what goes into creating a good article. Use the guidelines covered in this article, and continue your learning process. Successful article marketing starts off with a great article that’s well targeted to your audience.

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