Learn The Basics for Writing Press Releases That Work

Tue, Jun 26, 2012

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Anytime a marketing method has been abused, like press releases, online marketers blame the method. Most people in web marketing will fail for many reasons, and they need to have a scapegoat to help them cope with it. If you listen to them, then they’ll have you thinking that creating press releases is not the thing to do anymore. When these people give a half hearted attempt with anything and flop, then they say it doesn’t work. Here are three powerful recommendations for killer press releases you would be wise to learn and use.

It only makes sense that a release for your company should include a nice quote from you. You cannot use just any old quote because it will take away from the powerful message in your release. There is no reason why you would not quote yourself since this is your business. Bear in mind that the nature of a press release means it is anonymous except it is from the particular business. A quote in any press release makes it more authoritative since it is coming from someone in upper management. Quotes will also serve to explain or support whatever information is being released to the newswires. What you must do is find out how to write them and then just use that format. The rule of thumb is for them to be a single page, and that is really more than enough for a PR. A good article is about five hundred words, and that is the upper limit for press releases. If you follow proper and accepted PR formatting protocol, then that will help to get your release read by editors. Besides, if you can’t explain yourself in five hundred words or less, that is probably a sign you need to work on your message, right?

Do you recollect the “five W’s” that you learned in elementary school years ago? These five included the why, where, who, what, and when – all of these were needed when composing a paper for school. You could include how if you were really trying to be specific. Anytime your press release, this golden rule must be followed. You are talking about a specific product or service. The five W’s (and a little bit on the how as well) need to be covered if you want to make sure that people understand you.

There are a lot of things that you can do to increase the likelihood that your press release will help you grow your business. A few of these ideas have been presented in this article today. Inevitably, you will come across many reasons to always use releases to help your business. Writing informative, entertaining and intriguing press releases is your key to success. Remember this: by putting in hard work, and writing your releases well, you will succeed.

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