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Just How Can ManicTime Help With Effective Time Management

Wed, May 23, 2012

Self improvement

Your time management abilities determine your success or failure in your business and personal endeavors. However, what if you need some help in properly managing your time? ManicTime is a great time management software that will help you in managing your time more efficiently and maximizing your productivity every single day.

ManicTime is a very simple software — both in concept and user interface. Having said that, its strength is in its simplicity since the application can help you in effectively allocating your time. The program keeps accurate track of all the tasks you have executed on your computer during the work day. The program logs your activities in both graphical and text form, making it easy for you to see the times when you were not doing anything, when you were most active, and everything in between. You could make the proper adjustments for those times when you were lagging behind or were too idle after you see the graphs and the reports. You can even examine those times during the day when you were most efficient and duplicate and hone your more productive habits.

How ManicTime functions is rather straightforward. Like every other software program, you first install it on your computer. Once installed, it will keep track of your computer activities. You do not have to keep tabs on it or perform any additional commands. In the background while you go about your work day, the program will be studying data logs of applications you’ve used and other computer tasks you’ve performed. Given that you will be doing specific tasks with specific programs, a detailed breakdown of the programs that were in use and for how long they were in use can be accessed. With ManicTime installed on your computer, you no longer have to speculate just how and where your workday has gone. You can actually see precisely where you are spending your time.

Needless to say, you might be curious about those tasks you do during your work day that don’t require using the computer. How do you monitor those tasks? Not all of your tasks are carried out on your laptop or computer. ManicTime tackles this concern simply. You manually key in data in the software program and then it begins tracking your tasks that are not computer related. This way, absolutely accurate daily logs can be compiled and non-computer related tasks won’t be wrongly identified as downtime.

For many, manually entering data is a drawback since it increases the likelihood of omissions or errors. But that’s not completely a flaw of the application — because ultimately, the individual will need to circumvent that issue. Those running the software should be more diligent and careful in their data entry steps if they wish to eliminate any possible errors. Yet another perceived disadvantage is that data will be saved locally and not automatically stored in the cloud. This implies unless you move the data to a cloud server or to an external drive by yourself, you run the risk of losing it in a system crash.

Still with the minor perceived disadvantages, ManicTime is one awesome program that will help you track your computer- and non-computer related activities so you can better manage your time. Unless you learn how to properly manage your time, you cannot expect to improve your overall productivity.

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