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It’s Important To Begin Producing More Automobiles That Are Environmentally Friendly

Wed, May 23, 2012

Green living

One of the main reasons people do not think there’s such a energy crisis as there is is because car manufacturers are still creating vehicles that get terrible gas mileage. If the crisis is that bad, and oil is going to be gone in forty years or less, why are these automobiles still being made and when hybrid automobiles can get 40 miles per gallon, then why aren’t all automobiles being made today hybrids? If a green energy source, such as water can be used to power an automobile, then why are they not in use more?

When you hear that water can run a car, it’s not like you pour water in the tank rather than gasoline, and your car will run but what it is really, can be described better as a hydrogen powered car. The first car powered by hydrogen was produced by the German automobile company BMW, namely the BMW Hydrogen 7 and when you look under the hood, you can tell that it has a different engine, since it uses both gas and hydrogen. This vehicle ends up using gas and water virtually the same way as a hybrid uses gas and electricity. You need to remember that the utilization of hydrogen to be able to power your car or truck is rather new which also means that in time this could wind up replacing traditional gasoline for our fuel.

To keep the water from evaporating into a compressed gas, it must be stored in a extremely insulated tank that holds 30 gallons and is by-layered and in addition it has a safety valve that will open up if the tank pressure gets too high. The H2R is another vehicle that BMW has recently created and this vehicle is also partially powered by water. The basis of this vehicle is the fact that the fuel used to you run the car is liquid nitrogen, and you’ll also see that it can outperform many vehicles on the market today. Carbon monoxide is discharged from any vehicle that runs on gasoline, nevertheless you will find that the byproduct of hydrogen is nothing that’s poisonous. Yet another drawback to using traditional gasoline as compared to hydrogen is that weighs much more. Maybe it costs too much cash to manufacture automobiles that run on hydrogen, or they are inconvenient in some way, but it’s possible that they’re going to work better.

There are choices to using a vehicle, which is totally powered by gasoline. It still seems like if the energy crisis was as bad as they say, then a lot more would be done, to generate a car powered by something aside from gasoline. One question you may want to also be asking yourself is if it is the big oil companies that are suppressing this technology in order to make more money.

Most consumers would love to have a vehicle that didn’t run on gasoline, if it worked as well, but can’t do much about it, if there aren’t any for sale. For those of you that are interested you can search the Internet in order to find different programs which can teach you how to produce your own gas and water power car.

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