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How to Apply Time Management Principles to Affiliate Marketing

Wed, May 2, 2012


If you want to attain your true potential in affiliate marketing, time management is one of the skills you’ll have to master. You simply can’t be productive with your affiliate marketing business, no matter what business model you’re employing, if your time management skills are lacking. The following time management principles are aimed specifically at affiliate marketers.

Don’t be a Stranger to Your Affiliate Manager: You should feel free to call your affiliate manager whenever you have a question or concern that he or she could help you with. You may be in the habit of sending an email, but it’s much more efficient to simply call. When you need something in a timely manner, you should get rid of your hesitation of talking on the phone and just do it. It’s a good policy to talk on the phone with him at least weekly, as your goal should be to develop a solid relationship with your affiliate manager. Having a good relationship with your affiliate manager will take you a long way since you will need his assistance from time to time.

The Importance of Organization; Organizing your campaigns in the right way plays a major role in time management. Don’t have all your information cluttered in one place, but have a distinct folder for each campaign. It’s also good to have your desktop, or wherever you store affiliate info, neatly organized so that when you have to find something, it only takes a few seconds. Being well organized can make it easier to track your results and know what’s going on with all your campaigns. Additionally, be sure to give some daily attention to your most successful campaigns.

If a certain campaign is yielding a good profit, why not redouble your efforts so that you can get even more out of it in the future? Organization, of course, allows you to clearly identify how all of your campaigns are doing and which are most profitable.

Learn to Say No: The affiliate marketing world is filled with distractions here and there; there’s always a new money making opportunity coming or new business ideas that take time and energy to setup. Sometimes you have to be willing to try something new, but you also must resist the temptation to jump on the latest new opportunity before you’ve even given the one you’re presently working on a chance. Don’t fall into the trap that many affiliate marketers fall prey to, which is being unable to resist every new “shiny object” that is pitched to them. The only way you’ll ever really be able to build a viable affiliate marketing business is if you pick a certain strategy and stay with it for a while and, for the duration, not let yourself be distracted by all the ads and pitches. Stick to what you’re doing until you’ve succeeded or have failed at it miserably. Now it’s time to begin implementing all these ideas! The above techniques can enable you to manage time more efficiently and boost your affiliate marketing business. Once you start applying what we discussed above, you’ll see a fair amount of improvement in your time management, which obviously leads to more profitability.

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