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Email Copywriting Tactics You Should Always Use

Sat, May 19, 2012

Writing and speaking

Finding success with email marketing is all about getting your copywriting in place. It is not that you want to hype your emails, but rather you do want to know how to appeal to your readers and make your case very clearly. Just about anything that involves converting readers to customers will have a conversion rate, and then you must optimize it. So the question is, what does it take to write good email copy, and how do you create copy that makes an impact? If you want your emails to achieve higher conversions, then at least absorb these short lessons and then put them to work.

If you want your readers to open your emails, you must focus on the subject line. What happens after they open it? Not all emails have headlines, but these can work very well for grabbing the reader’s interest. The fact is, headlines are just as effective in emails as they are anywhere else -flyers, sales pages, direct mail, etc. This one element can make a big difference in your email’s effectiveness. A headline gives your whole email more power and will make more people read it. While the subject line gets readers to open your email, the headline can persuade them to actually read it. It’s a good idea to list a key point of your offer in the headline, though it should also match your subject line. Try to remember that people do not thoroughly read emails, they scan through them. They don’t want big blocks of text inside of their emails. This means that your email copy does not just need to be readable, it needs to be easy to scan as well. People should be able to quickly glance at your emails and get the basic gist of them. You should break up your copy when it is longer and use smaller paragraphs or subheadlines. It is also important that you use short sentences that are easy to read. Your primary goal has to be to give your readers something that they aren’t going to need to struggle with. Your copy should be enjoyable, short and to the point.

The call to action in any type of copy is merely telling people the action you want to take next. Everything leads to this and so as you can easily guess it will located right at the very end of your emails. One of the worst mistakes that you can make is directing readers to a “learn more” page. It is definitely true that people respond more enthusiastically to specific text rather than a very bland and general wording. There is no debating that a call to action works very well and must be used in copy. You can have a good call to action that is one to three words long, but it really just depends on the situation. If you are just learning about email copy, then be patient because it does take a little time to learn what to say. Everything is a process that takes time, but you will be excited when you are able to write it better. You can write emails without knowing about copywriting, but you will find that you are handicapping your self. Another way of looking at this is that you are investing in your own business, and in the end that means more profits. Once you really begin connecting with your audience, then you will become motivated to do more.

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