Your Questions About Public Speaking Skills

Wed, Jul 4, 2012

Writing and speaking

Nancy asks…

how do i take my public speaking skills to the next level?

Lots of my friends have told me am a good orator and have spectacular public speaking skills, which i know i do have. How do i put it to good use or take it to a higher level. Am a final year university student, maybe i could start a small public speaking session with other students.

vermins answers:

Toastmaster International.

They meet in small groups and give people the opportunity to improve their public speaking skills in smaller rooms and range up.

Great for people who want to work on material or gain skills for public speaking, comedy or toasts. It offers the opportunity plus an open audience and decent but non-negative feedback to improve orating skills.

Mary asks…

In your opinion, why are public speaking skills important?

Also, what can you do to improve your public speaking skills? If you were to facilitate a workshop what would you include in the workshop?

vermins answers:

You’ll never know when you might be called upon to speak. Perhaps in class to answer a question, perhaps in a meeting to give your opinion. Perhaps you are to give a speech at a wedding. Perhaps your want to share your feelings at a strata council meeting.

You can improve your public speaking skills by practising. Of course, you may find it embarrassing to practise in a live situation, so you can join local public speaking clubs, like Toastmasters, and practise in a safer environment.

If I were to facilitate a workshop and it were only an hour long, I would cover the basics of content (introduction, body, conclusion) and deliver (hand gestures, eye contact, vocal variety). There is an especially fun eye contact game where you ask all the audience members to keep their hands up if they feel they are not receiving enough eye contact. This really keeps the speaker on his/her toes. The hardest part is to stop yourself from laughing the whole time.

Mandy asks…

Tips on teaching teenage girls public speaking skills?

We are looking for some ideas on how to better prepare our girls’ public speaking skills. Juniors in high school preparing for our Junior Miss Program.

vermins answers:


What not to do.

Donna asks…

Can anger improve public speaking skills?

My worst problem is maintaining a steady voice. I could be talking and in mid sentence, I lose my breath or something. I can feel my voice just trail off. And then I have to take a moment to regain my composure. Apparently its funny because classmates will snicker.

It causes me to get angry. Can I somehow use this anger to help me concentrate harder? And ultimately improve my public speaking skills?

vermins answers:

Don’t be hitler

Richard asks…

Is there any improv type of place for people who want to improve public speaking skills, but not become an?


I’m 25 and kinda shy. I want ot improve my public speaking skills, but don’t want to become an actress. Is there any place like this in Los Angeles?

vermins answers:


I have no experience with them, but I’m be quite surprised if they weren’t active in LA, and I’ve heard good things about them.

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