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Mon, Jun 25, 2012

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John asks…

How can i learn to speak french fluently by the time i graduate?

I’m 16 and im in grade 11. I would like to become something like a social worker or something like that… so im pretty sure id need to speak some french. I only speak english. how can i learn?

vermins answers:

You could try getting books from the library that teach French, if you live in Canada these shouldn’t be too hard to locate since lots of people are fluent in both English/French. However if you live somewhere outside of North America, they might be a little harder to find. If you’re willing to spend the money, you could buy a program that allows you to learn french such as Rosetta Stone ( I think it’s called ).. French isn’t too complicated to learn, so no worries. ^^ Good luck and have fun!

Chris asks…

How can I learn to speak french fluently?

Getting a tutor or going to french sessions is out of the question because there arn’t any affordable ones in my area.
I would like to self teach myself french. I already do it at school but we don’t learn it fluently- we only learn the stuff that we need to know for our exam.

Any people who have learnt to speak another language fluently, how did you learn?
Like are the tapes good? should I watch a lot of french films? how can I practise talking french to other people?

vermins answers:

I learned by immersion.

By you got it right. A combination of movies, language exchange partners, software and reading will do.

For the sound of the language: watch movies, watch French TV (all TV channels have websites, go to French versions of major search engines (yahoo.fr …) … Notable: tf1.fr, france2.fr
Or listen to the radio online.

A good software is a great way to get affordable (depending on the program) self-teaching courses. You need to learn the fundamentals, otherwise, your knowledge will never be solid enough (sorry for the cliché!). You will need discipline. I recommend Rocket French, which is fun. Having fun is one key while learning a language, trust me. Second key is devoting to learning a few minutes each day (as opposed to 4 hours once a week for example). Thus the need for a good (and fun!) software, with which you can learn at will, from home. That’s http://www.rocketfrenchlanguage.com

Reading. You never read enough. (I learned a foreign language by starting to read it). Good for pretty much everything (except the accent!): vocabulary, grammar, even culture! …

Practice … Language exchange partner. Or find someone on MSN or Skype.

Voila! I hope it helps.

Bonne chance!

Robert asks…

How long will it take to learn to speak french?

I really want to learn french, I took it for 3 years in middle school and this is my fourth year. I’m not in a rush to learn it. I would spend as many years as it takes to learn because I love french so much lol. I was wondering about how long it took for you guys to speak it. Will it be harder for me since I speak english and spanish and I have to work on my accent?

vermins answers:

I’m in my 4th year too! But I’m in high school. I’m sure you can already speak it, but just like any other language, you won’t be fluent in French until you spend time in a French-speaking place. Being completely immersed in French for 7-8 weeks would be the minimal amount of time to become fluent.
As for you accent, one normally uses the accent of the 2nd language you learn (if they speak more than 2). So if you learned English second, you would speak with an American (or British, Australian, whatever English you speak) accent. If you learned Spanish second, you would speak with a Spanish accent. Perfecting an accent also comes with immersion. Listen to French music, watch French movies and news.

You definitely have a head start with already speaking Spanish. A lot of the rules are same with Spanish as they are in French, but French is more complicated, but you’ve probably figured that out!

Bonne chance.

Linda asks…

How can I learn to speak French and German fluently?

I love French and German and I spend nearly every minute of my spare time trying to learn the languages. At school I have 3 hours of language lessons a week, but this is not enough. I don’t want to meet anybody to talk to or have to pay for lessons. I just want a way that I can speak the languages with more ease. Thanks.

vermins answers:

This is an interesting question, this is the same question that i make to myself! And my teacher says me that i only have to practice infront of the mirror, or the best way is listening and singing the music that you like, in frech and german ofcourse. Other way is watch movies in these languages. It could be very funny!.
Well, have a nice day.

Sandy asks…

How long does it take to speak French fluidly?

I have been taking classes for about three months and I can hold up OK in a conversation. I can talk about the weather (neige, snow) say my likes and dislikes, yada yada, but I want to know how long it will take for me to speak almost as fluently as an actually French person?

vermins answers:

It will take a long time, depending on if language is a gift to you or not.
Some people can just pick it up, like that. But with others it takes great practice to even learn the basics.
The only way to speak French perfectly fluent is to immerse yourself in it.
IE: go to a French speaking place for a few months etc, because you wont learn fluently just my taking classes for three months.

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