Your Questions About How To Presentation Ideas For Kids

Fri, Nov 16, 2012

Writing and speaking

Linda asks…

how to exaplain steam to second graders?

we have to do a presentation for little kids. any ideas?

vermins answers:

Show them a tea kettle. Or warm something in the microwave. They can visualize it then.

Jenny asks…

Ideas for Sunday School class presentation?

I teach with the children’s ministry at my church, and I’m going to present the class rules (respect your teachers, etc) to them this Sunday. Can anyone give me any ideas or suggestions how I can make it interesting?

The kids are kindergarten age and this should last about 5 minutes.
We’re using puppets later in class, so I don’t wanna do that. I’ve asked this before, but can’t get many answers. Thanks.

vermins answers:

Ask the kids what they think the rules should be. Write the rules in their own words on a poster board and have them all ‘sign’ their name. Teachers do this in their classrooms all the time. Good luck!

Donna asks…

Teacher presentation idea? Is this a good idea or not?

I am currently teaching middle school and am planning to teach next year in an elm. school. As part of the interview process I have to do an in class presentation to the potential school for their current students. I am doing it for 5th grade. The teacher told me they were studying planet. I read on here an idea of having students create planet commercials and try to convince people to come to their specific planet. I am thinking of having the kids work in groups and have them create a poster board for their commercial. I will give them facts on the planets and then they will create their own commercials.
The principal did not tell me how long the lesson had to be, so I thought this was good. It shows me working with the kids and having the kids do a creative lesson. Can you please let me know if this is a good idea and if you have any suggestions or additional information that will help me with my interview lesson? Thanks
OH Maybe I should add that my eductaion and training is in elm ed, but I just got into middle school because they called me first and I realy needed a new job! Thanks all!

vermins answers:

While it sounds fun, I’d make sure there’s a good deal of substance. You should present how this meets educational science standards and how you’d assess the achievement. What shows a good understanding of a planet?

If you just provide the facts on the planets, what are they learning vis a vis how to find information?

Laura asks…

I need to do a 8-12 minute presentation on something health related any ideas?

I need to do a 8-12 minute speech on something health related does anyone know any suggestions?

For example one kid did his in “Calories ” and another did his on “Yoga” and the different types and how it helps the body.

i was thinking of doing a report on the side affects of a drug but i don’t know which one!


vermins answers:

Drinking/teen drinking

Immunizations ( H1N1 is a huge topic right now and weather to get the shot or not)



Maybe go to the Dr. Oz website for ideas…..????

Sharon asks…

Can anyone give me any ideas on how to put together a recipe book for kids?

i have only a few weeks to put together a recipe book for kids. I need this for my oral presentation in my sociology of parenting class HELP!!!! this book should content a table of contents and be easy to read for kids who are old enough to make simple recipes to cook or prepare like simple finger foods or main course meals snacks etc. but they all must be nutritious Thanks!!!!

vermins answers:

There are some cute ones at barnes and nobles, i’m sure u can find some easy ones online :) . Go to the library, photo copy some or just re type them on the comp. Also, try construction paper, use brightly colored ones and, maybe u can print out the text from the computer with some cute icons or pictures…. Cut it out so that it is smaller than the construction paper…

U can buy those thumbtack things (at michael’s or craft store) or tab things after u hole punch the papers together, and it will stay together like a book.

Good luck!

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