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Your Questions About How To Be Come A Best Seller Book

Mon, May 7, 2012

Writing and speaking

Maria asks…

Will Roger Clemens come out with a book on how to put 50 pounds of muscles on without steroids?

Since he claims he didn’t use steroids and one can see how he got BIG by simply looking at old baseball cards, this would be a great chance to have a best seller book, I’d buy it!

vermins answers:


Can an ego weigh 50 lbs???

Richard asks…

Palins book is a best seller?

I asked this question before and it was suspended…SO here we go again. Link is to Borders Book Store, Sarah Palin “Going Rogue” Book Price


A book that cost $30.00 the first week it came out and is now selling 3 weeks later for $17.39. Is it fair to still call it a best seller? By this way of thinking, they can lower the price 5 bucks every week until it’s $1.97 and keep it on the best seller list for MONTHS! So this is how it’s done?

vermins answers:

Too late, and if you call AM Radio “the Big Talker” in Philadelphia, right now, you can get a special offer, Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue” for 3.95. Yes America’s bestseller …. And in the bargain book bin …. At the same time – for some reason.

Available Now at Newsmax – https://www.newsmaxstore.com/nm_mag/going-rogue3.cfm?s=al&promo_code=8F4E-1

And after a little searching – I found you could get her book FREE – so it’s on the bestseller list – for free – which should tell you something because they only want you to cover shipping and handling and the same 4.95 “processing” fee.


So what’s important to remember is that Governor Palin is just as much a sock-puppet for the same neoconservative war-criminals that got us into Iraq and want desperately to get us into Iran.


It’s called influence peddling – when you’ve got these guys’ pimpin’ your “intellectual ride”, the sky is the limit, just make sure all questions are postmarked at least two weeks in advance to

William Kristol
The Weekly Standard, LLC
1150 17th Street, NW
Suite 505
Washington, DC 20036
E-mail: editor@weeklystandard.com or bill@weeklystandard.com

Sharon asks…

If I want to be a writer, what college should I go to?

I really want to be a writer but i know a lot of writers have to work their way up so how do I do that? What college is good for writers and what job should I do while im writing my books (before they come best sellers hopefully:D). Like editor or writer for a magazine?
I guess what I am asking is what do you suggest someone who wants to be a writer do?

vermins answers:

You don’t have to major in English to be a good writer, but it doesn’t hurt to take a few writing classes (assuming they’re taught by a competent instructor…). If there’s something else you’d rather study, then go for that. You can take various english classes, even creative writing classes/workshops, as electives, but you may have to stay in school longer if you do that because those credits probably won’t count toward your major (if it’s something unrelated, like Business or Politics, or whatever). But if you insist on becoming an editor or writer for a magazine, then a Bachelor’s degree in English would be for you I think. This is something you need to discuss with an advisor at the college, though. I’m not an expert.

Sandy asks…

Why is Twilight a best selling novel?

I’m not talking crap on the book, but COME ON!
A novel of that writing level as a BEST SELLER?
I’ve seen essays from 8th graders written better than that!

Does this just come to show how low of standards Americans have?

vermins answers:

Because some people have absolutely no taste in books.
Btw, I am NOT a Twilight fan.
Second, Twilight is a fairytale novel written for two year olds, and words like “compromise” and “virtue” are continuosly repeated throughout the series.
Btw, my six year old sister tried reading the books and felt bored because the whole series is basically about:

Edward: “Oh Bella I’m a retarded abusive bloodsucker who wants to eat you up.”

Bella: “Oh really, sweetheart, I’m not much better, I’m a clumsy flatnose who acts pathetic over protective vampires like you.”

And in the end it’s “happily ever after the end”. Nothing really develops in the plot and I strongly recommend you to try some REAL books, like Harry Potter, for instance.

Mary asks…

How do you start writing a book?

I have a strong feeling and desire to write a book. I believe it would become a best-seller. No one has ever wrote a book like the one I want to write. It is going to be in memory of my fallen-hero. It’s going to have about 20 chapters. I just don’t know how to start it or come up with the first words to type. I’ve got the title. The next step is actually typing the book.

vermins answers:

Start with some action then get descriptive dont forget a powerful lead and thesis statement!

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