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Your Questions About Fastest Writing Usb Flash Drive

Sat, May 12, 2012

Writing and speaking

Jenny asks…

What’s the fastest USB Flash Drive?

What’s the fastest USB Flash Drive on the market today?

The fastest I could find is the Patriot 4GB X-Porter XT PEF4G200USB with 32MBps read and 26MBps write.

Post speeds and name/model of USB Flash drive.
I prefer 4GB models only.

vermins answers:

Pretty much any device using the same speed memory and/or controller will do it just as well, but don’t take a 2MB/s faster drive if it’s going to cost a lot more.

The most popular “ReadyBoost” flash drives (in terms of speed) would be the Flash Voyager series from Corsair. Their latest 4GB Flash Voyager GT model is up to par with that speed:

Mandy asks…

What kind of USB flash drives have extreme fast read and write speeds for a price that is under $50?

i remember seeing a flash drive at some website that has 16GB/s speed for like $39.99. If you have any idea on where to get a extreme fast read and write speed usb flash drive for under $50, please say it here. thanks

vermins answers:

Some of the fastest USB drives I know of are Patriot Memory Systems devices.


The drive is only going to be as fast as the BUS it’s attached to, in this case, USB 2.0.

USB 2.0 has a raw data rate at 480Mbps, and it is rated 40 times faster than its predecessor interface, USB 1.1, which tops at 12Mbps. Originally, USB 2.0 was intended to go only as fast as 240Mbps, but in October 1999, USB 2.0 Promoter Group pumped up the speed to 480Mbps.

As far as we know, effective rate reaches at 40MBps or 320Mbps for bulk transfer on a USB 2.0 hard drive with no one else is sharing the bus. Flash Drives seem to be catching up too with the some hitting 30MB/s milestone. For all we know, USB interface could become become the bottleneck for flash drives as early as 2008.

Mary asks…

which of these gives better read-write performance USB Flash/SD Flash/SDHC Class 6 Flash/Micro SDHC/CF Cards?

When used with a PC, is there any evidence of which of these are faster?
USB Flash Drive
SD Flash Card
SDHC Class 6 Flash Card
Micro SDHC Card
CF Card

vermins answers:

Well, that all depends on which version of usb you use.

USB 2.0 – 480Mbps
USB 1.1 – 12Mbps
SD/SDHC – ~2Mbps
Im not sure of the other ones, but i can tell you that USB 2.0 is going to be way faster than everything else

Carol asks…

Why is my USB Flash Drive so slow?

I have a 2.0 USB 2Gb Lexar Drive. According to what i heard they suppose to be faster than a hard drive, but it takes forever to read and even longer to write.

vermins answers:

Well, simply put, you heard wrong. Most modern 7.2k rpm HDs with Serial-ATA 2 technology are almost twice as fast as USB 2.0 on paper. In reality they’re about 3-4 times as fast because of other related issues. USB 3.0 is much faster though. About 10 times as fast as USB 2.0. It won’t be available for consumer use just yet.

Mark asks…

My USB flash drive is really slow, is this normal?

I just bought a new 4 Gb USB flash drive and it seems to be really slow. I Have a write speed of about 2.5 MB/sec and a read speed of around 7 MB/sec. It is a cheap Presidents Choice drive for about 20 dollars… but i figured most USB drives these days are fast. Is there something I can do to speed it up? I have tried to reformat and have checked the “optimize for performance” button. Thank you

vermins answers:

That is not unusual. Believe it or not, there is a difference between expensive high quality flash memory and cheap ebay stuff… I have one of these,

they are made in china piece of junk but they at least get 10mb/40mb

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