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Your Questions About Fastest Writing Style

Thu, May 17, 2012

Writing and speaking

Robert asks…

How can i change my writing style?

I want to change the style of my writing fast. What are the differences in writing styles? I am talking grammar etc not writing neatness.

Any tips welcome


vermins answers:

Try texting with proper grammar. It helps. Then you think that “oh, maybe this is how i should write.” That is what happened to me. :]]

Hope this helps!

Daniel asks…

Any authors with a similar writing style to Janet Evanovich?

I love the Plum series! They are the greatest, but I’ve read each of them at least twice. Can’t wait for number 14!! Anyway, are there any authors similar that I might enjoy as much? I her upbeat style of writing. The books move so fast, and keep me interested. It’s almost like you’re watching a good chic flick with you’re reading :) Thanks!

vermins answers:

Charlotte Hughes
Leanne Banks
Carly Phillips
Jennifer Greene
Sue Grafton
Lisa Scottoline
J. D. Robb
Nevada Barr

Sharon asks…

How would you compare Fortune, Forbes and Fast Company as far as topics and writing style?

Are there different focuses and styles of each? What is each known for specifically? That is, how do they compare?

vermins answers:

Fortune is the oldest one here, and as such has a reputation for solid info and insight.

Forbes focuses a lot more on capital management. Expect more “fluff” pieces from Forbes.

Fast Company is newer and tries to be trendy. Don’t believe any word of it.

Lisa asks…

What does slow-paced and fast-paced mean when used to describe writing/writing style?

I don’t get it.

And what is a good pace, and how do you remedy it if you’re too slow/fast?

vermins answers:

Fast-paced is where there is a lot of action happening and those are the parts where your glued to the book. Slow-paced is the stuff that can be either interesting but no action or just the boring parts of the book. Books that are mostly all fast-paced are usually the more popular ones. A good book in my opinion has both used but the slow-paced parts are very interesting.

Susan asks…

Who is your favourite author and is your writing style similar to theirs?

I’m asking because my favourite TV show is Gilmore Girls and everytime I watch it, I can’t help but talk really fast and I’m hyper. I was wondering if anyone has this with their favourite author and if your writing style is similar to theirs. When I was younger, my favourite books were The BabySitters Club and I used to write like Ann M Martin.

Just curious :)

vermins answers:

Oh snap! You are like my new best friend. I’ve only met a few people who are as obsessed with Gilmore Girls as I am. I’m currently re-watching the sixth season which I got for my birthday. I have all the seasons on DVD. Yep I’m that cool :D

Oh and Rory Gilmore is like my idol. So yeah.

My favorite author — or one of them — is David Sedaris, and when I write personal essays/short stories (one of my favorite “forms” of writing), I find that I write kind of like him. He’s very… Frank, I suppose — the stuff he writes is very funny/strange/makes-you-cry-for-humanity, but he describes it very normally. It’s hard to explain. But I do find myself writing like him.

But that happens to me a lot. Like you, when I watch Gilmore Girls I start talking really fast. Or if I hear a British accent, I start talking in a British accent. Or if I go to a Mexican food restaurant, I’ll start thinking in Spanish. It’s odd.


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