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Ways To Create Better Copy – Secret Tactics Unveiled

Wed, May 2, 2012

Writing and speaking

Internet Marketing is a great way to make money, but it necessitates learning how to do what is called “copywriting”. Several will find this very easy to accomplish. Some may struggle at it.

What needs to happen is that, through practice, people need to improve their copywriting abilities. When you don’t have an unlimited bank account, especially to pay a copywriter, this is what you need to learn. Without the ability to convince people to buy your products, or write the copy on your website to sell it, how will you profit from this venture? So, to help you out, here are a few things that you can do to create better copy and bring in more sales.

Don’t be afraid of white space. This is actually a good principle to follow with most types of commercial writing. This is a practice that goes against some of the rules you may have learned in the past. You’re probably fighting a background in academia in which most writing was done in long form. When you’re writing for sales or marketing purposes, though, the objective is to make the copy as easy to read as possible. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your sentences and paragraphs short. You don’t want to intimidate readers with long paragraphs, so shorter ones are recommended. When writing copy, then, never hesitate to have white space and avoid long sentences and paragraphs whenever possible.

When writing sales copy, don’t shout at your readers. Emphasizing certain points in your text or copy was once done by capitalizing all of the letters in a sentence or phrase. This was before typeface changes like bolding and italicizing were options. Instead of emphasizing, all caps is regarded as shouting, not a form of emphasizing what is being said. Flinching often occurs when people look at all caps, a byproduct of using all capital letters. Many times, expressing a certain point is necessary. Most people need to emphasize certain points when they are writing, and doing it the right way is absolutely necessary. It might be easier to simply hit the caps lock key, but you are going to turn off your readers if you choose that route.

It is important to tell people the best features, and also what features you are lacking, when describing your product. It could be perceived as being a counterintuitive representation. You might ask yourself why you would tell someone about the flaws of your product. Are you trying to sell them or not? Any product that you discuss, without addressing some of the flaws, will appear to be disingenuous. Any product with zero flaws is simply not to be trusted. If you do it right, you can include your flaws in the copywriting in such a way that the reader will not see them as flaws, and may actually buy your product as a result of simply being honest.

You can create good and effective sales copy using several strategies. Some of these strategies are very subtle, another standout like a sore thumb! The tips and tricks that we’ve talked about in this article are just to help you get started. Once you get going, you’ll develop your own strategies and learn more too.

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