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The Horrible Facts of MLM and Earning an Online Income

Sun, Jun 3, 2012


If you have not made much money online before, multi level marketing might get your whistle wet. However, this is one area of marketing that is filled with horror stories of people cheating, scamming and taking advantage of each other. Does that sound like something you want to be involved in? Of course not. But nevertheless, it might still somewhat hold your interest. If you find that multi level marketing still has some type of magical powers over you, then just read a few of the following facts about it and you will finally see the light.

One of the biggest fibs that multi level marketers will tell when they want to recruit you for their down line is that the work can be done in your free time. If that were the case, then MLM would be successful and not the other way around.

If the main foundation was not flawed, then multi level marketing might have an actual change of being successful. Besides, the system is based upon the fact that you hire a downline to do the work for you, while you get a commission. But the problem is that everybody focuses on hiring and nobody actually works so nobody earns money. Also, an income worth earning cannot be done in your spare time. Doing a good job will take time, effort and commitment. Many people have stated that “network marketing is one of the most popular ways to get new products on the market” – many businesses have said exactly that. It’s not true at all. The party’s over! MLM can no longer be done as it was traditionally conducted years ago by garnering door-to-door sales and getting people to sign up. Products today are sold using methods that are technologically advanced, much more efficient than the ones used years ago. The business model for MLM, if you hadn’t noticed already, is based upon recruiting others to do most of the work in your business. Most of the people that get in believe exactly that, and therefore no one does any work at all.

How many times have you seen a MLM opportunity pointing out that you can make money easily by selling stuff to people you know? More importantly, how many MLM sites have you come across that have encouraged you to recruit your friends and family members? You’ll hear often about how your family and friends will all be instantly willing to sell the products available to their own circle of friends. In truth, asking people around you to sell MLM products can be a guaranteed way to offend friends and family members. You might sell one or two things to relatives who take pity on you but you are unlikely to actually recruit anyone. Everyone is the same – we all want to make money online and we will try different things to do it. In searching for a way to make money, you will often come upon MLM companies that are trying to get you to join. Stay away if possible! Although MLM companies look very promising, earning money on the Internet can be done in so many other ways that you should choose a few of those before trying a multilevel market company. It is in your best interest to not waste your time with these businesses. What we have told you thus far is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. There are many other reasons to avoid these companies as well.

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