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The Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011 Notebook – A Detailed Assessment

Tue, Jun 26, 2012

Computers and Technology

One computer that is making headlines as of late is the Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011 Notebook. Notebook computers from Apple are becoming more popular with the advance in popularity of iPods and iPhones. This article is a quick overview of the many features and benefits of the Apple MacBook Pro.

Apple MacBook Pro notebooks come with some powerful software installed, such as the Mac OS X Snow Leopard system. QuickTime, Time Machine, Photo Booth, and iTunes are just some of the popular programs you will find pre-installed in the Mac OS X system. Another convenience is iLife that gives you the ability to finally get all of your images, movies, and music organized. If you like to share your images, that will be a snap to do. Just download them from a smart phone or a digital camera into your Notebook using iPhoto. Do you have original songs you want to record so you can share them? The user-friendly program called GarageBand does this for you. Lion is the name of the latest operating system that Apple introduced in July 2011 for the MacBooks. There’s a good chance your MacBook will already have Lion installed on it instead of Snow Leopard. If you do happen to buy a system that still has Snow Leopard, you can probably find a free download for Lion. Lion became available in July, 2011.

If you needed a computer that has a long battery life, you should definitely take a look at the Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2000 notebook. The average life span of the 13″ model is over 7 hours. For those of you that use Bootcamp to run Windows, you will find that your battery life will be considerably shorter. For this reason, if you’re going to be running your Apple MacBook Pro using battery power, it’s best to stick to the Mac OS, and try to save any Windows related tasks for when you have a chance to plug the notebook in so your battery doesn’t run out.

Some Mac users complain about how hot their Apple notebook computers get, due to the aluminum body. If you find yourself in one of various situations that can cause the MacBook’s body to get hot, it can be a big disadvantage. However, these notebooks, in spite of that drawback, are attractive and strong. The main times this can become an issue, for example, is during the installation of a new program or if you’re a gaming enthusiast and have been playing for an extended period of time. People have reported that sometimes the notebooks get so hot they can’t be touched and are too hot to hold in their lap. Unless you play games for hours on end or need to frequently install new software, you shouldn’t have this problem. But, if you do these things, you should keep this situation in mind when considering whether or not to buy this notebook. Combined with great performance and design, this high-end notebook computer, the Apple MacBook Pro Winter 2011 notebook, is perfect for all ages. Combined with the FaceTime HD camera, and a long life battery, this computer is definitely one you should check out. With its constant updates, and high-tech features, Apple MacBook pros are one of the best notebooks on the market.

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