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Small But Incredibly Effective Landing Page Design Changes to Improve Your Profit Margin

Sun, May 13, 2012


It’s possible that you’ve been getting your lunch brought to you every day as you’ve searched out the best and most effective landing pages and ways to build your mailing lists. That’s okay because you’ve been learning important lessons–even if you’ve had to learn them the hard way. What you have to make sure that you are doing is learning and putting new approaches into play.

A landing page design and copy that works well for one niche might not work as well with another. Also, try to remember that a huge amount of the success you get with this specific kind of website comes from real testing. A lot of the time you will need to find the sweet spot that will really exist for your audience.

Try to figure out what has been coursing through your readers’ brains–there’s a lot going on there. The reader has read the whole page and is trying to figure it all out. There will be doubts and hopes they are doing the right thing plus much more. If your landing page is linked to an offer of any kind, such as an affiliate offer, then what you must do is restate and emphasize the value of the offer. So when the person clicks on the link that sits on your landing page you can send them to another page that has a list at the top of it. The list should reinstate just how much value they will get from their offers. A simple bullet list of benefits, properly worded, will help to add clarity and positive feelings. The graphics and images that you put to use on your landing page deserve some thought. Of course, you are going to want them to be visible and to stand out because that just helps reinforce the action that you want your landing page visitors to take. For example, try out using buttons that are unusual sizes, shapes and colors. Always test everything you do in this regard, and you can use the A/B split test method for that. You know how, in real estate, location is everything–well, the same thing is true online. Typically, however, buttons, lead generation forms and opt-in boxes are on the right hand sides of the pages.

You already know how incredibly important it is for the people who read your landing page to feel like they can trust you. We have talked about using elements and devices to help you with trust. Of course, were you put those things is going to play a major part in your conversion rate. What you want to do is make sure anything meant to convey trust in you should be immediately visible. Make sure they’re in the position often referred to as “eye level.” So, rather than using those testimonials at the bottom of your page, where they will feel like an after thought, put them higher up. You definitely want them to be “above the fold” 100% of the time but they should not ever feel annoying. If you learn how to design great landing pages, you can instantly take your business to a new level. Many internet marketing products mention this in passing, but it’s not often explored thoroughly. Yet, there is some older yet still relevant information on landing pages circulating the internet. Your landing pages are crucial no matter how you’re promoting your products or website, so you should do everything you can to make them outstanding.

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