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Maintaining Good Soil In Organic Gardening

Tue, May 8, 2012

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Organic gardening is distinct from ordinary gardening, most notably in the preparation of the soil. Never think that you can quickly have a garden by throwing some seeds on the ground and watering it. After you finish checking out this article, you are going to have a little better idea of the importance of soil to organic gardening.

For anyone who is a newcomer to organic gardening, the biggest misunderstanding that those new to organic gardening have is that you can grow anything in any soil. You have to forget about the concept that growing the natural way is simply planting seeds. Soil can be impacted by different climates, and these must be thought out. You have to do things differently if you are in a rainy place, when compared with different temperatures, exposure to sunlight or wind. Following that, what is the make up of the soil, and how dense is it? Soil that’s too compacted is very unfavorable since water and moisture can’t adequately circulate. You must loosen the soil so that you can have proper circulation. Adding earthworms to your soil will de-compact your soil and allow good circulation.

Another way it is possible to resolve the compact soil problem is to add new organic soil purchased from your local nursery. The thing that many organic gardeners practice is add this organic soil into the regular soil. You will want about three to six inches of natural and organic soil for the new mixture to work. When you do this for a couple of years your soil will return to the living soil that it once was. If you want to have a thriving organic garden for years to come, this step cannot be ignored.

Your soil also needs to have the right levels of acidity, phosphates and hydrogen. This is known as the pH levels of the soil. It is very easy any more to find things on the internet, so look for a soil testing kit and you will find one. An easy method to learn about your soil is usually to take a sample to your local nursery or county agriculture agent. Both methods will help you determine what you need to make your soil ideal for organic gardening. You might have to pay a small fee, but you also might not.

Not merely can you get the information on the dirt that you need, but they can take the soil, and tell you what to grow in it. Any nearby garden center is a great resource to help you develop a successful organic garden. Having effective soil is just the place to start to having a good organic garden. Complete about all you can to learn about organic gardening and try it out.

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