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Information About the All New and Versatile Garmin Nuvi 3790T GPS.

Mon, May 21, 2012

Computers and Technology

In the following article, we will be talking about the Garmin Nuvi 3790T GPS, so it is a good time to explore how you would use it. If you are looking to purchase a GPS, Global Positioning System and aren’t familiar with the technology, then you have things you need to know. First off, think of how you would use it and why you want it. Built-in GPS, while available in some cars is not a necessarily a standard option for others. So do you plan to travel cross country or regionally or are you wanting one that is hand-held and used mainly for walking? These are important questions and the answers will help you to narrow the field.

The myTrends feature on the new Garmin is very popular because it gives users the opportunity to add a little personal touch to their GPS experience. With this unit, it’s possible to record the driving routes you take on a regular basis. Basically, anything you need to record for future reference. But, why would you want to map out the paths you already know, right? This feature can be turned off very easily. Some people are just excited that their GPS is capable of doing such a thing. If you’re looking for alternate routes to avoid traffic jams or detours, this feature can be quite handy. The good news is that despite the upgrades to the new Garmin’s design it’s still familiar enough that users won’t have a hard time making the upgrade. Many people are thrilled over the brighter screen that makes it so much easier to actually read the maps. The best thing is that it retains Garmin’s reputation for being easy to use. This new Garmin is quite simple to use and that is something that Garmin fans have always appreciated about their products. More personalization is available through wallpaper selection for a little extra touch.

There is really nothing new about the Nuvi 3790T responding to your voice. You have the ability to customize the speech recognition engine software so it will learn to recognize your voice. There is an increase of “learning” capability being programmed into intelligent devices. With this unit, you can teach it to recognize your voice and then activate it, or wake it up, with a special command you say. After “waking”up the unit, all you need to do is say the particular menu command and choice that is on the display. If you know where you want to go, just inform your GPS friend – you have to drive though- sorry.

While staying up to date technologically, this Nuvi 3790T GPS by Garmin also offers versatility. You can even use it when out hiking as well as for walking around any town or city and for your driving needs. The desirability of this unit is created not only because of its multitude of applications and uses, but also because it comes from the known entity, Garmin.

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