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Easy Ways To Improve Your Article Writing Abilities

Mon, Apr 30, 2012

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The conversion rate, or how many people you can convert to sales and marketing, is an important aspect of running any business online. If 100 people read your offer and one person buys, then your conversion rate is 1%. To improve this percentage, you can do a lot of things. And of course what you do depends on what you are doing, or what kind of marketing you are using. Many principles are more universal than others, and these should be learned with everything else in this industry.

Given their name, is it any wonder that people like to use “benefit bullets”? Try to remember, though, that bullets can be used in all sorts of ways and not only to highlight the benefits of something. In fact, using bullets in articles helps to open up the content and let the sun shine in. The whole article gets brighter when you have a list of five or seven or nine points listed out in bullet fashion. Try to remember, though, that each bullet needs to stand on its own merits and shouldn’t ever contain more than just one idea or point. It’s also better to use an odd number of bullets than it is to use an even number of bullets.

Any time you include verbs in your bullets, make sure you always use action verbs. Since you are writing them, you can write all five or seven bullets with the action verb in the first one or two words. This helps create an obvious pattern and the effect will have a rhythmic quality that your readers will enjoy. People are able to quickly scan your bullets and a quick tempo can keep things lively. So using them at some point within the middle of your article (or in the middle of your blog post) will help you keep your readers from feeling stale or even bored as they read.

Anything that is different enough will stand out from the rest and get noticed. So when you have words and words are expected, anything different like numbers of symbols will automatically stand out. Benefit bullets are the best way to do this. Obviously, when using bullets in your writing, you won’t want to do this every time. It is better to sprinkle the strategy around, probably using only half of the bullets at a time. Noticing different things with our eyes is quite common. A percentage number such as 38.4751% will definitely catch their attention. If you look at that, you can see right here that it stands out like a sore thumb. The copywriting devices we have talked about today will work when you understand and know how to use them. Avoid thinking that copywriting is all deception because it is not; but you have to decide for yourself. You want to avoid creating recognizable patterns with what you do because that draws attention. It does take some time to get the feel for various devices used in copywriting. All writing is a skill, so that implies you have to hone your skills to become good.

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