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Determine Whether a Low Cal Diet is the One for You

Thu, May 10, 2012

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Very low calorie diets are seen in different ways as there are many opinions on them. Some say they are the best way to lose weight quickly, while others claim they aren’t healthy. If you are thinking about trying such a diet, you should gather as much information as you can, and also ask your doctor’s advice. For your research on very low calorie diets, the following facts can be a good starting point.

Sticking to a very low calorie diet is often something people struggle with, which is a problem. A diet that restricts you to 800 calories or less every day is not easy to maintain for a long period of time. While you may lose weight while you’re on it, it’s typical for people to start gaining weight when they go off the diet. That’s why it’s important to come up with a long term strategy for changing your lifestyle and eating a healthier diet. When you have finished the very low calorie diet this will stop you from going back to your old habits, and will help you to keep the weight off by having a modified diet and regular exercise.

To make sure that you don’t go over the allotted number of calories you can consume, most very low calorie diets will involve some prepared formulas, however there are some natural diets that also drastically limit your calorie intake. One option is a raw foods diet, where you eat only foods that are uncooked and unprocessed. You will be keeping away from all highly processed, high calorie foods, so a strict raw foods diet will normally be very low in calories.

Normally a raw foods diet will be made up of fruits, nuts, sprouts and vegetables, however it’s possible to make your own versions of raw foods like bread by simply using a dehydrator. Most people will consider this diet to be very healthy, however it’s not so easy to stick to because you have to avoid nearly all modern day processed foods. Even if you really don’t want to have a 100% raw diet you can still try to incorporate some more raw foods into your very low calorie diet.

In order to promote weight loss the hCG Diet combines both hormonal injections and a very low calorie diet.

The hormone hCG, Human Choriogonadotropin, is produced naturally in women who are pregnant. The diet dates back to the 50s when Dr. Simeons wrote up a book detailing how injections of this hormone could help people suppress appetite and the feelings of hunger. The hCG Diet is considered to be potentially unsafe and it’s very controversial. Before going on the hCG Diet you must do some research on what both sides say. Choosing the right diet plan for yourself can be hard, and it may seem tempting to go for very low calorie diets due to them promising fast weight loss. But you should approach them with caution, unless a medical professional is keeping an eye on your diet. It can be very dangerous to go on a very low calorie diet without sufficient guidance.

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