All Hoop Earrings Are Not Created Equal, and Here’s Why

Thu, Jun 28, 2012

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Of course there is a high degree of art involved with hoop earring designs. But you might not see just how much science is going into the choices you will make here. This might not be all that important to you, but what should matter is that hoops have the ability to change the look of your face–but not necessarily in a way that you want. Yes, you can make the wrong choices involving diameter, size and width and even color. That should get your attention if you have never thought about that before. To continue learning about hoop earrings, read through the rest of this article.

If you really love hoop style earrings, then have an open mind about designs and look at alternative design approaches. You won’t normally find these sorts of earrings in a regular retail shop. Typically these kinds of alternative designs only get put together with artists who work with materials like enamel or, sometimes, a variety of ceramics. Some artists are also metal workers and enjoy creating art out of metals from the very cheap to the very high quality.

It makes plenty of sense because they’re artists and artists are very proud of the things that they create. You are going to find that these things usually have higher prices. The primary trade off for the cost, however, is that they’ll last for a really long time; some last for so long that they are able to be passed down from generation to generation. When you are looking for hoop earrings for a female, make sure the earrings is suitable to the ear. Besides having an effect on the look and feel, it is astounding how many different ways this can be done. One such instance is the familiar post, which is a pretty conventional style. The simple post will be encountered on hoop earrings that will not be 100% circles in construction. These types of earrings will come in all sizes and pay attention to the weight. The finer hoops that utilize a post have a bigger backing, which makes up for its weight. What you should pass up are heavy posts because they have a lesser sized backing and they tend to pull your ear lobe down.

If you want to build a collection of hoop earrings, you need to think about a few different things. You’ve learned how important this is for all sorts of different things. Make sure you think about your lifestyle. Even if you spend lots of time outdoors, you can still wear hoop earrings. When it comes to safety, though, it’s best to stick to the “huggie” kind of hoops that are of the smallest sizes. A medium sized hoop will usually work best for a professional setting. While you’re working you’ll be better served by keeping your hoops conservatively sized. Formal occasions, for the most part, require something modest too.

The use of hoop earrings has been around for a very long time and will probably never be unfashionable. So never worry about that and use these guidelines to find the pair of earrings that make you feel good. Along with the wide range of hoop earrings available to you, there is no reason you shouldn’t look your best all the time.

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